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Metal and Bones Become Art at Edgewood

Beyond The Pale at Edgewood Gallery

The Edgewood Gallery‘s new exhibit showcases work by three veteran artists, all of whom have substantial portfolios. Yet Beyond the Pale is most interested in the creative present, in current developments for Amy Bartell, Linda Bigness and Todd Conover.

Yule Love Area Artworks for Sale

A Syracuse-centric alternative to yuletide gift giving.

Not everyone is pushing electronics or gift cards during the holiday season. Several local venues also sell works by artists from Central New York, offering a Syracuse-centric alternative to yuletide gift giving.

Three’s Company

Art writer Carl Mellor takes in a trio of diverse exhibits at the Everson Museum

The Everson Museum of Art’s autumn exhibits are literally in the mix. One show speculates on links between our world and the afterlife, another features works by Syracuse potters, and a third presents single-channel videos, sound and video installations and other pieces created by artists in residence at Owego’s Signal Culture. Clearly, each exhibition has its own identity.

Shooting Star

Writer Carl Mellor finds much to admire in SU Art Galleries’ salute to photographer Margaret Bourke-White

During her long career, Margaret Bourke-White demonstrated great flexibility as a photographer. She created images of steel mills, world leaders such as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, wartime scenes and everyday people. Beyond that, she was a witness to history. At Syracuse University’s SU Art Galleries, Margaret Bourke-White: Moments in History 1930-1945 not only presents a large portfolio of her work but also traces stages of her career.

Provocative Images Highlight ArtRage Juried Show

Global Issues. Climate Matters. Social Change.

A group exhibition featuring more than 20 artists typically has differences and some commonality. That's certainly the case with Global Issues. Climate Matters. Social Change, the first-ever juried show in ArtRage Gallery’s seven-year history. It includes work by painters, photographers and a videographer, by artists who create prints or etchings. What they share is a propensity for heading down diverse paths, for interpreting familiar themes in a distinctive idiom.

Exhibits Aplenty Set to Open at Local Galleries

Visual Art takes center stage

The autumn local art season is definitely a varied affair. There are restrospectives showcasing work by a painter, a sculptor and one of the influential photographers of the 20th century. Several shows will either depict scenes from nature or interpret humans' relationship with the natural world. And artworks will portray cloudscapes, Columbus Circle and 1930s Czechoslovakia, among many other subjects.

Dutch Masters

Carl Mellor travels to Utica’s Munson-Williams-Proctor to take in an impressive show of European paintings.

Hendrick van Somer’s painting of Saint Jerome depicts him as old and gaunt, for a moment glancing away from the manuscript in front of him. With quill in hand, he spent years translating the Hebrew Bible into Latin. The painting places him in an isolated location, perhaps a cave on the edge of a desert. A contrast between shadow and light invigorates the painting and highlights Saint Jerome.

Hue Ought to See Gallery 4040’s New Show

Colors of Summer opens at Gallery 4040

Color is a fundamental aspect of art, an ingredient serving many purposes. It conveys emotion, catches a viewer’s attention, and plays other roles. Colors of Summer, a five-artist exhibit on display at Gallery 4040, certainly touches on color as a basic element but is much more interested in the quintet’s creative strategies.

Model Citizens

Carl Mellor explores both sides of the easel during the Open Figure Drawing Group

On June 11, just before 7 p.m., 14 people gathered in an upstairs room at the Westcott Community Center. They set up easels, placed pencils, crayons and other instruments within easy reach and waited for the opening of yet another figure drawing session.

Collage Show Trashes It Up

REnewal, the exhibit at Gandee Gallery.

Artists have long incorporated techniques such as recycling and reclaiming into their work. That includes reusing discarded objects and materials, and the very process of collage.