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Outlaws Have More Fun

through Saturday, July 26

Covey Theatre Company’s summertime mounting of Bonnie and Clyde (at the Mulroy Civic Center’s BeVard Community Room through Saturday, July 26) is an extremely gutsy choice, given that the Broadway show opened and closed during December 2011. Yet director Garrett Heater clearly had faith in the work, notably its score by Frank Wildhorn, the popular composer best known for The Civil War (performed in June during the District Festival) and Jekyll & Hyde. The trick to adapting this musical, however, comes with ignoring that long shadow cast by director Arthur Penn’s trend-setting 1967 film version, with its ample star power (provided by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway) and then shocking levels of silver-screen violence.

Counterfeit Comedy

running through Aug. 2

The criminal in Catch Me If You Can isn’t packing lead, he instead robbed banks the easier way, through forged checks and stolen identities. Director Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie introduced audiences to the unbelievable yet true adventures of Frank W. Abagnale Jr., a con man extraordinaire played with cherubic yet cunning innocence by Leonardo DiCaprio. And what was fun at the movies manages to also deliver its zippy goods in the musical stage version from Central New York Playhouse (running through Aug. 2).

(Flashback) Jackson and Wallach Twice As Good

THE Central New York theatrical event of 1982

NOTE: Transcribed from February 17, 1982 Syracuse New Times

(PHOTOS) CNY Pride Festival

CNY Pride Festival Photos

The CNY Pride Parade and Festival took place on Saturday June 21, 2014 at Syracuse's Inner Harbor. Below are some sights and snapshots from the celebration.

The Rover Gets Intense with Outback Stakes


There are plenty of unanswered questions in The Rover, an increasingly bizarre Australian drama that takes place, as the opening legend states, “10 years after the collapse,” in which stunned characters are still emotionally coping from a global economic meltdown. Our enigmatic lead, Eric (Guy Pearce), is shown from the get-go ambling about the empty roads of the Outback in a sweaty, foggy state of mind, but he snaps into action when a trio of crooks led by Henry (Scoot McNairy) crash their truck near a clapboard dwelling where Eric is marking time, then steal his car to make their getaway. Eric is determined to get his car back, even if it means spiriting after the dangerous gun-toting goons.

Margaritaville Comes to the Midway

“Live at the Drive-In” comes to the Midway Drive-In Theatre on Thursday, June 19.

Drive-in theaters have pulled numerous stunts over the decades to lure patrons, from running dusk-to-dawn all-nighters to fireworks spectacles to featuring local bands jamming atop the roofs of concession stands, like Syracuse rockers Carmen and the Vikings did back in the day. The latest attempt at ballyhoo happens on Thursday, June 19, as a closed-circuit broadcast of a live Jimmy Buffett concert will be beamed onto the screens of more than 80 nationwide ozoners, including Minetto’s Midway Drive-In, located for 66 years on Route 48 between Fulton and Oswego.

Mile-High Club Convenes at Cortland Rep

Fast and funny at Cortland Repertory Theater

Just the mere mention of the title Boeing-Boeing, which comes across as a sound effect similar to “boink,” assures an evening of naughty intentions. The fact is that the play’s title actually comes from the speedy jet craft, yet the innuendo still remains, along with plot complications aplenty that multiply during the fast and funny production at Cortland Repertory Theater (through Saturday, June 14), which kicks off the summer season at the Little York Lake Pavilion in Preble.

Karen DeCrow, 1937-2014

A journalistic legacy

Feminist pioneer Karen DeCrow died Friday, June 6, at age 76. The Jamesville-based lawyer, best known as a fighter for general equality, served as president of the National Organization of Women from 1974 to 1977, where she scored points regarding the Title IX civil rights issue for female athletes.

Hollywood’s Packing Heat

Entertainment analyst Bill DeLapp previews this summer’s hotsy highlights at the movie houses

The summer movie going season seems to get an earlier start every year. Hollywood once followed the school calendar to coordinate releases, which meant a bumper crop of product was unleashed during a six-week period, mostly from June’s end to early August. Then studios got the bright idea of spreading out the blockbusters, first opening earlier in June, then eventually followed by May premieres. This season has already seen audience stampedes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2), Neighbors (May 9), Godzilla (May 16) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23), although things got going even earlier with the April 4 kickoff of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is still kicking around the multiplexes.

Concert Listings

05/07 – 05/14

Photo Feature: Albert Cummings. Sat. 10 p.m. Blues guitarist performs an intimate showcase at The Gig, Turning Stone Resort and Casino, Thruway Exit 33, Verona. $10. 361-SHOW.