New PBS Documentary Hopes to Open Eyes and Inspire Action

Independent Lens: “Stories are Powerful”

Most of us turn to TV for great stories that entertain and allow us to leave our own lives behind for a spell. But TV, with its focus on visual (sometimes visceral) storytelling, can also serve as an important source of education. It allows us to see how people in communities outside of our own live—be they gay communities, communities of color, rich communities or poor communities. This week, a new documentary series from PBS's Independent Lens brings us into the horrifying worlds of sex trafficking, poverty and abuse—worlds that exist not only in faraway lands, but right here in our backyard.

Amazon’s New Pilots Tackle History, Crossroads

Sarah Hope outlines Amazon Studios’ fourth season of original pilot shows.

In light of Amazon Studios' first Golden Globe win for Transparent, and the announcement that Woody Allen will direct a new half-hour comedy next year (his first foray into TV), there is considerable buzz around their fourth pilot season, which boasts seven new comedies, dramas and docu-series, and six new shows for kids.

Golden Globes Winners Are Evidence of a Brave New World in TV

Groundbreaking television series and breakout stars took home Golden Globe Awards. Sarah Hope sums up the night of the awards.

At the end of December, I noted that it has been a great year for television. That point was underscored on Sunday night, when several new, groundbreaking television series and breakout stars took home Golden Globe Awards.

Friends – Then and Now

On New Year’s Day 2015, Friends was finally made available in its entirety for instant streaming on Netflix.

One test of a truly great TV series is whether or not it stands the test of time. Will the jokes fall flat ten years later? Will the outfits be a dead giveaway that this was made in (and for) another time? Is the writing good enough that outdated hairstyles don't matter? (Note: hair always matters.) In 50 years, will the alien invaders understand why we loved it? Will they love it?

Winter Binge Pick: The Killing

A U.S. reboot of the Danish police thriller ‘Forbrydelsen’

In my pocket, on my phone, tucked in the bottom thread on my digital to do list, I keep a list labeled "Consume." It's a running list of TV shows, films and books to check out when I have a few hours to burn on a good binge. And what better time is there to binge than during a post-Holiday Syracuse winter?

Top 10 Best Television Moments of 2014

It has been a great year for television.

(Spoilers abound below. Proceed with caution.)

Seasonal Gifts Coming to Your Television

Not sure what holiday classics are on TV and when? Sarah Hope breaks down the highlights of the final 10 days leading up to Christmas day.

It's a weird time of year for television.

Peter Pan Live: fun, disappointing, poignant

(Review) What musical would you like to see staged live on TV?

On Thursday night, 9.2 million people tuned in to watch what ultimately played out as a mildly entertaining ratings stunt by NBC: Peter Pan Live.

Networks trim the fat, Netflix adds Black Mirror

It’s that time in the fall television season when the bodies start to hit the floor.

It's that time in the fall television season when the bodies start to hit the floor. Networks trim the failing fat, and shows vanish into thin air, banished forever to the catacombs of cancellation. In five years, we'll look back and say, "Hey, remember Selfie?" and "I actually kind of liked A to Z…" and "I wonder what John Mulaney's doing these days."

5 times TV nailed Thanksgiving

November television specials have captured the essence of Thanksgiving

This Thursday, millions of Americans will gather around kitchen tables large and small to celebrate the gift of family and eat themselves into tryptophan comas.