WGN’s Manhattan could be the best show of the summer

“Welcome to nowhere”

A disheveled man in a brown suit stands poised in the dark. He hits a golf ball into a field of fog or maybe a sandstorm, backlit by the headlights of his automobile. Pausing before teeing up a second ball, the man stops as if struck by an idea. He fingers the golf ball, rushes to his car and speeds away. The suit, the car and the lower thirds tell us it’s July 1943 - 766 days before Hiroshima.

The Leftovers: Lost creator’s return to TV is dark and different

Sarah Hope reviews HBO’s new series, The Leftovers, from the creators of Lost.

Grief is a lonely emotion. Every thought is replaced by one of the deceased. Every movement takes great effort. Every distraction seems trivial. Even when you’re surrounded by others, the world feels devoid of hope.

The state of the Emmy Awards

As quality television continues to grow in scope and volume, the Primetime Emmys will grow and change as well.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced last week the nominees for the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards. Naturally, there were predictable sweeps and a few mind boggling snubs. But the Emmys are at a sort of crossroads, and we may be seeing big changes in content and format in the near future.

SundanceTV announces lineup for ‘Approval Matrix’

The Approval Matrix, a weekly print feature introduced a decade ago by New York magazine is making its way over to television.

The Matrix is coming to television.

Aereo was on the wrong side of the law, but the right side of history

So many of us are becoming “cord cutters,” cancelling our cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services

“Aereo.” It’s a word we TV- and tech-types have heard and said a lot in the last few days, and even if you’re not tuned in to TV or tech news, you’ve probably seen the name whiz by in your news feed. But what is it? An aeroplane over Rio? An aerobic stereo? An aerialist on a paleo diet? Maybe!

“Girl Meets World” is not quite what you remember

Girl Meets World meets St. Elsewhere

Hold on to your undahpants! This Friday, quirky Cory Matthews and smartypants Topanga will return to take us all on a trip back to the ’90s, when ABC’s “TGIF” lineup ruled our Friday nights and backyard chats with Mr. Feeny prepared us for real life. Right?!

Game of Thrones: What to Think About While You Wait a Whole Year

No one is the same after this

In keeping with the tradition of an action-packed penultimate episode followed by a wrap-up, Sunday night’s Game of Thrones finale, “The Children,” spent a little time with (almost) everyone. (Spoilers ahead.)

OITNB Season 2 delves further into women’s lives

This is certainly not just a continuation of last season, but an ambitious adventure into new topics and conflicts.

When the first season of Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) ended, I was furious. What were the writers thinking? Piper wouldn’t do that! She was supposed to keep her head down, get ripped and read her entire Amazon wish list. I was enjoying the friendships she was making, and relishing her shift in perspective as she came to understand their diverse back stories.

Pirates and summer TV picks

(but no booty)

It’s been a minute since TV saw pirate action. There was a British miniseries based on Treasure Island in 2012, but here in the states the last great “arrrgh” was on the big screen: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), the fourth (and worst) in Jerry Bruckheimer’s Disney franchise.

You get to be you, but I don’t get to be me

Sitcoms have always been vehicles for prompting social change

Modern Family has always had clever conversations about relationships - gay and straight, family ties and friendships. The relationship at the forefront of last week’s finale was not the relationship between Cam and Mitch, the gay couple getting married. It was the relationship between Mitch and his father, Jay. Warning: spoilers ahead for the last few episodes of season 5.