What’s MTV doing that’s ‘hilarious’ and insane’ in movie award nominations?

Well, maybe that headline is a tad overstated

Because there's no shortage to my interest when the words Insane and Hilarious are bandied about with just one word between them, of course my click came quickly to this Cinema Blend headline during my search to share the best of this week's Movie News:

‘Focus’ is a Beautiful Guessing Game

Who’s going to Flim and who’s going to Flam?

Go for the guy, go for the girl, or go for the goods.

The Good, the Bad and the Awkward Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars

Highlights, lowlights and what was he thinking?

I liked Birdman, don't get me wrong. In fact, my review  for the New Times was quite complimentary about the work of leading man Michael Keaton as the former superhero actor attempting to reclaim a career. I called it a compelling little art movie.

Run fast to see ‘McFarland, USA’

Kevin Costner and his young athletes warm to each other in true story

I don't know about you, but this hard February has left me plenty surly. Cold, snow, worse cold, more snow, wind-chills that defy credulity and snow banks around the driveway that are challenge shoveling shoulders.

Star Wars fans: Speculation that someone dies in ’7′

Han Solo will still be kicking when the seventh edition starts come December

Star Wars 7 moves ever closer, and fans are tracking ... well, everything. Plot. Characters. Costumes. Nuance.

The Bond between heroes and villains lifts ‘Kingsmen: The Secret Service’

Ties betweeen past, present lift secret agent genre to great places

What would happen if James Bond had a grandson who wanted to follow in his specially equipped shoes?

Yavoi Kusama: I See Dots in Front of My Eyes …

The making of a movie about artist Yayoi Kusama

Andy Warhol wasn't the only artist looking at the world with an interesting eye in his day.

His Pants May Be Square, but SpongeBob is Hip

Syracusans can note that all of those silly movie sounds come from our own Tom Kenny

The kids in the crowd sure enjoyed the antics of SpongeBob. And Patrick and Plankton. Mr. Krabs and Squidward. Burger Beard and Karen the Computer Wife.

The 12 years of this ‘Boyhood’ were well spent indeed

Linklater’s epic approach had Patricia Arquette still beaming about babysitting

A full dozen years to shoot a movie. Patricia Arquette was talking with Mo Rocca on "CBS Sunday Morning" about the experience of playing the mom on "Boyhood," and she admitted it certainly wasn't business as usual, working with director Richard Linklater and his special cast.

‘Project Almanac’ stalls before it gets too smart

These time traveling teens do well, but don’t reach quite far enough

There were parts of Project Almanac that even the two oldest adults in the Saturday matinee at the semi-stuffed movie theater could appreciate. For a film with power producer Michael Bay's name prominently placed above the title and time travel as the theme, the special effects were thankfully tasteful. Smallish, actually, considering what could have been in this tale that has five teenagers jumping backward first days and then months after siblings David and Christina Raskin find a video camera in the attic that leads them to a secret project their dead father had hidden under the basement floorboards.