Marvel’s Phase 3 splashes all the way into 2019

Are you ready for new Captain Marvel on the big screen? Sit tight

The Marvel Universe is a well-planned machine.

Bill Murray’s crusty side lets St. Vincent cash in a winning ticket

Melissa McCarthy and new kid Jaeden Lieberher play off the curmudgeon perfectly

Bill Murray is terrific as Vince MacKenna.

Even with John Wick poised to do well, Keanu Reeves ain’t what he used to be

There’s a new matrix in play as far as major studios go

With John Wick hitting the theaters, it's good to be Keanu Reeves, kicking butt on the big screen and picking up dinner checks in real life.

More than enough drama for 2 sets of actors in The Best of Me

(Review) Amanda will always have Dawson’s heart, thanks to Nicholas Sparks

Yes, it was time for my first Nicholas Sparks-based movie, even though my dear wife Karen - who had thoroughly enjoyed filling me in about how much she loved The Notebook and exactly why and what I missed out on - decided to take a pass.

DC Comics Hero to Hit the Big Screen

The news is speedy, but ‘The Flash’ won’t arrive until 2018

Word gets out fast.

Downey Jr. and Duvall carry The Judge to tense heights

(Review) A pair of RDs can’t stand each other’s idea of the law

Watching The Judge is a lot like going back to a family dinner after decades spent consciously deciding, again and again, that you can't sit at the same table with a relation who's done you wrong.

Rowling Works on her Pre-Potter Script

There are beasts involved in the wizard’s Hogwarts’ text.

The lid is off the Potter franchise.

Getting Reel at Syracuse Film Fest

Syracuse International Film Festival

This year’s Syracuse International Film Festival celebrates everything from Bollywood to Hollywood, with classic cinema mixing with short subjects from newbie filmmakers, and celebrities ranging from septuagenarian actress Sally Kirkland to talented director Nick Cassavetes, son of the late indie-film pioneer John Cassavetes.

Artist and Filmmaker Isaac Julien Exhibits Work in Syracuse

The Everson Museum of Art screened Julien’s film to open this year’s Urban Video Project series, “Celestial Navigation: A Year into the Afro Future.”

Celebrated visual artist and filmmaker, Isaac Julien, spoke at the Everson Museum of Art in downtown Syracuse on Friday Oct. 3. On the side of the building, the museum screened "Western Union: Small Boats (The Leopard)" to kick off this year's Urban Video Project series, "Celestial Navigation: A Year into the Afro Future."

Affleck, Pike push and pull in Gone Girl

Who do you hate and who do you love and who do you trust?

Everybody has some sort of fail-safe short list of trust, I'd assume, people you've accumulated over the course of your life will be there for you no matter how dire things may seem, folks you know won't do anything to cause you harm, loved ones who'd never, ever lie to you.