Thanks, Robin, for a Night at the Museum

A sad farewell for Robin Williams

For this reviewer, the fact that Robin Williams was making his last on-screen performance as Teddy Roosevelt was the deciding factor that pulled me into the theater for the Saturday afternoon matinee of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. (Yeah, our great comic visionary who took his own life last August is listed as Dennis, the title character teacher with magical powers, but when that comes out next May, it's just his voice.) Otherwise, I'd have been a couple theaters over, seeing if I wanted to sing here today and tomorrow, tomorrow, about the remake of Annie.

SONY pulls ‘The Interview’

Everybody watches incredible plot twists and then SONY pulls ‘The Interview’ from theaters

Someday this plot might make a good movie.

Other than the pestilence and death, Exodus: Gods and Kings is a yawner

(Review) Holy Moses, Ridley Scott can’t match Cecil B. De Mille

Sitting through Exodus: Gods and Kings was sort of like walking past those Syracuse street corners manned by the shouting Bible-clutchers who are most certain that their message of God's wrath and retribution for my wretched behavior must be shouted into my ear at the most pumped volume they can muster.

Pixar Goes Inside Out

One little girl moves her emotions into Headquarters

The next Pixar movie will all come from inside the mind of one little girl.

Salt City-Bred Moviemaker Hosts His New Flick

‘Isn’t It Delicious’ screens on Friday, Dec. 12 at Eastwood’s Palace Theatre

A plume of cigarette smoke wafts provocatively through the air during the opening seconds of Isn’t It Delicious, perhaps signaling that a film noir work is about to commence. Yet that puff comes from just one of the many cigarettes chain-smoked by Joan Weldon (Kathleen Chalfant), who likes her coffin nails with the filter tips defiantly ripped off.

Fictional Thievery May Benefit Vera House

Skycron’s ‘The Undersigned’ looks to give back

Syracuse, Ottawa, MacGyver and Alias intersect with the Vera House in The Undersigned. The pilot episode, currently being filmed in Syracuse and Ottawa, also has a Kickstarter campaign seeking $10,000 to film the next two episodes.

Dirty funny scoundrels abound in Horrible Bosses 2

(Review) No, they didn’t! Yes, they did …

There are bad bosses, no doubt.

Me, You, Brew and View: The Espresso Shot (#031)

Clint Eastwood double feature at the Palace

On Friday, December 5: Eastwood. Gets. Dirty.

Cinematic Seasonings

Movie maniac Bill DeLapp runs down the yuletide’s list of upcoming releases

Everything usually gets bunched up as the movie year comes to a close, and 2014 is no different. Family-friendly flicks, which have been in short supply for much of the year, are coming out in full force to greet kids getting out of school. And there is plenty of Oscar bait in the pipeline, as studios wait until the final weeks to push out features that could have award-winning potential.

The Penguins of Madagascar are cute, but that’s about it

(Review) If I’m kind of confused, what about the kids?

Children and parents have been making the Madagascar franchise one of the most popular go-together events through four movies now, since DreamWorks delivered to the world the animated antics of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo in 2005.