‘Get Hard’ offends, in a smart and funny way

(Review) Ferrell and Hart forge a chemistry

Your assumption is right.

‘A Star is Born’ Gets Bradley Cooper’s Attention

Time-tested story of experience could be right for directorial debut

You know Hollywood can't keep its hands off a good storyline.

Filming for a Cause: Blue Chips and Hoosiers Screening at The Palace

Proceeds will benefit the City of Syracuse youth basketball league

Central New York fans from around the globe may be disappointed by the recent developments regarding Syracuse University men's basketball. Although Syracuse and Duke are not playing each other, The Palace Theatre will still be showing some hoops on the big screen.

‘Insurgent’ Deals in Dystopian Fantasy

(Review) Robert Schwentke directs ‘Insurgent’

I don't know about you, but I'd be perfectly content if Dystopian Days took a break from the cinematic screens.

Vin Diesel voices ‘Furious’ love for Paul Walker

A family feeling shows the best support

The closer it gets to wide release, the more choked up Vin Diesel is getting about Fast and Furious 7. It's quite touching, the way the big guy is embracing cast, fans, and the memory of his co-star, Paul Walker.

The Last Picture Show

Entertainment analyst Bill DeLapp bids farewell to Cinefest, which fades to black after a 35-year run

For 35 years the Syracuse Cinephile Society’s annual Cinefest confab has put the spotlight on examples of forgotten celluloid from Tinseltown’s silent and early sound eras. But all good things must come to an end, as Cinefest takes its final bow on Thursday, March 19, through Sunday, March 22, at Liverpool’s Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway.

Liam Neeson Would ‘Run All Night’ to Save His Son

When it comes to fathers and sons, anything goes

If a bad guy trying to make up for a nasty past by doing good is your thing, Run All Night is the action drama for you.

Johnny Depp injures hand, requires surgery during ‘Pirates’ filming

The production apparently isn’t off the hook

I saw a story on Screen Rant while searching for movie news Wednesday that says Johnny Depp has been injured during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Sometimes ‘Second Best’ Can Be Good

This ‘Exotic Marigold Hotel’ franchise doesn’t feel old

What would you call the folks that title their movie The Second Best?

What’s MTV doing that’s ‘hilarious’ and insane’ in movie award nominations?

Well, maybe that headline is a tad overstated

Because there's no shortage to my interest when the words Insane and Hilarious are bandied about with just one word between them, of course my click came quickly to this Cinema Blend headline during my search to share the best of this week's Movie News: