Critic agrees: Selma could be about today

News from Ferguson makes Missourian feel ‘naive’

While writing for about the new movie Selma Tuesday, reviewer Mike Ryan quickly connected the dots between the biography about Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights march in 1964 and this week's news in Ferguson, Mo., that charges were not brought against the policeman who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown.

Mockingjay keeps the Hunger burning

(Review) Jennifer Lawrence and Games gang don’t stand strong in chapter 3

Will Katniss Everdeen ever be handed too much than she can handle?

A critic passed who wrote many film opinions for L.A.

Every time, Charles Champlin says, he respected the art

The particular item isn't about film, per se. And it's not going to take on the humorous tone - snarky, even - that I usually venture into on this side of my twice-weekly film blogging venture.

Beyond the Lights Moves Past Cliches and Makes a Star

At the center of this love story is the talented and beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Think of any cliche that you'd expect to find in a modern day not-supposed-to-be love story, and you'll find those mountains separating Noni and Kaz in Beyond the Lights.

Big hopes for Johnny Depp

Mortdecai and Depp’s deadpan delivery

Johnny Depp has made me laugh in what was supposed to be a really big movie in the not too distant past. But when I was chortling at his Tonto bits during The Lone Ranger last year, I half thought maybe I wasn't supposed to be.

Local Filmmaker Pays Eloquent Homage in My Brother and Me

Screening on Friday, Nov. 14, at Eastwood’s Palace Theatre

Baldwinsville resident Evan Schoeberlein suffered from the bone tumor disease Ewing’s sarcoma, passing away at age 25 in July 2008. Local audiences will get to honor his memory thanks to a movie directed by his younger brother Marc Schoeberlein, 25, during the world premiere of the docudrama My Brother and Me on Friday, Nov. 14, at Eastwood’s Palace Theatre.

Michael Keaton seems plainly heroic in Birdman

As Riggan Thomson, the return of former Batman plays well

The parallels between the onscreen world of Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and that of the people who are making it happen there in front of you, well, I dare you to go watch this compelling little art movie and not connect the dots yourself.

Hank Williams to get his Nashville due in I Saw the Light

Back in his too-short day, Hank was THE big, bad boy

This already being such a big week for country music -- the Country Music Association Awards were last night, which you know if you tuned in at 10 to watch the ABC drama Nashville and thought you had your favorite 60 minutes of Reyna and Luke and Deacon's uneasy triangle for awhile before realizing, no, this is the real deal -- there's news to report about a biopic that should go over pretty well in those circles.

Laggies: Slackerness in Seattle

A comedy from director Lynn Shelton

Wearing its sweetly oddball charm like a badge of honor, Laggies concerns a 28-year-old Seattle miss named Megan (Keira Knightley) who hasn’t quite got the hang of adulthood. Megan’s not quite a slacker (OK, so she’s still a sign twirler for her tax adviser dad, played by Jeff Garlin), but she definitely has some emotional lag time compared to the rest of her gang.

A Visit with Vilmos Zsigmond

Vilmos Zsigmond will speak on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 7:30 p.m.

It’s not every day when an Academy Award-winning cinematographer visits Central New York. So it will be a special occasion indeed for a visit from Hungary’s Vilmos Zsigmond, who will appear as part of the Syracuse International Film Festival’s ongoing “FilmTalks” series on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at Le Moyne College.