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Art Zimmer examines his life in new memoir

When Art Zimmer was publisher of the Syracuse New Times, he would occasionally travel down memory lane at the office and resurrect some amusing tales from his past.

Big Shakeup for Marvel Comics Universe

New Marvel comic series the Secret Wars is set to release in December

Jeff Watkins’ high school teachers used to punish him for bringing comics into the classroom. But now that he owns his own comic book store, Watkins roams high school hallways at will to give lectures on his favorite spandex-clad heroes.

‘M’ is for Memoir: The A-B-Cs of Art Zimmer

Former Syracuse New Times publisher Art Zimmer reveals all in new memoir

Art Zimmer was the publisher of the Syracuse New Times from 1984 to 2010, when he retired and sold the Central New York alternative newsweekly to current publisher Bill Brod. Zimmer’s new endeavor, more than two years in the making, is a memoir that chronicles chapters of his life with poignant anecdotes that do not hold back.

Harper Lee: Tomecoming Queen

As literary fans await the release of Harper Lee’s newest novel, bookstores prepare for the release with readings and pre-orders

After 55 years author Harper Lee returns to the nation’s bookshelves with the publishing of a second novel. Go Set a Watchman, set for release Tuesday, July 14, is a novel Lee wrote prior to the literary work that made her a household name: the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1960 classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

Harper Lee’s second novel will be published July 14.

(Starting Point) Terrific news: Harper Lee’s second novel will be published July 14

Today, I heard terrific news. It’s was thoroughly unexpected, too, which makes it even more welcome.

Neil Young on Neil Young

Waging Heavy Peace is exactly what you’d expect a Neil Young autobiography to be like.

Written at age 66, Waging Heavy Peace (Blue Rider Press, 502 pages) is exactly what you’d expect a Neil Young autobiography to be like. Wildly candid and disorienting in its jumps, much like a ping-pong ball across a table of time, the book doesn’t follow rhyme, reason or even a rhythm. Young talks about what he wants to talk about, and when he wants to talk about it, as chapters jarringly move from a story about a dying friend to a passage about his wife’s dog.

Syracusenewtimes x DressHead T-Shirt – French Themed / Famous Paris Addresses

by Staff

In Spiral, the first novel by Paul McEuen the scientific details are plenty.

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Say Yes and the Neighsayers

Gene Maeroff, author of a book on Say Yes to Education, is concerned about the program’s future in Syracuse

The people of Syracuse “placed an ambitious bet” in the early 21st century, says former New York Times education correspondent Gene Maeroff, author of a new book on Say Yes to Education in Syracuse.

The Book of Jezebel’s feminism hits a chord with youth

Editor’s note: Voices is a weekly column that provides a platform for Central New Yorkers to comment about the issues of the day. If you’d like to submit a column, email Larry Dietrich at

Bruce Gets Loose

The keynote makes for an ideal end to the book.

Springsteen on Springsteen: Interviews, Speeches and Encounters (Chicago Review Press; 432 pages, softcover; $27.95) isn’t a typical biography or autobiography. Although it tells the story of the singer-songwriter primarily through words from his own mouth, it’s not a straight-ahead, linear account of his life’s work. Rather, it’s a collection of interviews, speeches and encounters over the course of The Boss’ career, which makes for a textured read featuring attitudes garnered from different periods and historical contexts that affect the meanings of each excerpt.