Redhouse TV: Talk Back

A four part documentary with the Redhouse Arts Center.

Welcome to the weekly web video series: “Redhouse TV: All the Drama of Making Art, All the Heart of Changing People’s Lives.” (Every Thursday)

bettyElm Records brings showcase to Hanover Square

bettyElm Records, has a vision to foster a music scene in Syracuse that is a thriving and diverse.

Local label, bettyElm Records, has a vision to foster a music scene in Syracuse that is a thriving and diverse. To accomplish this, label founders Jen and James Bort, are putting efforts behind their words and demonstrating their commitment with the acts they are signing. Saturday, April 5th, the Bull and Bear Pub at 125 E. Water Street in Syracuse, played host to the first bettyElm Records showcase, one part of the label’s strategy to get local bands the attention they deserve.

Aux Records: A Decade of Indie Musicmaking

(Music) Helping bands reach the next level.

Ulf Oesterle was working toward his Ph.D. at Syracuse University in 2003. His dissertation would focus on the impact independent labels had on the music of their artists. Oesterle envisioned working for a bigger major label down the road; after all, he had already studied media management, mass communications, music and marketing and worked extensively in radio.

Setting the (Syracuse) Stage

2014-15 Season at Syracuse Stage.

2012, 2011, 2009, 2002, 1987 and 1972.

Royal Treat

Jessica Novak reports on headliners B.B. King and Trombone Shorty at this summer’s M&T Jazz Fest

The M&T Jazz Fest 2014 is all about the big and the new. Over the two-day festival to be held Friday, July 11, and Saturday, July 12, two 18-piece bands, two 11-piece bands and one 10-piece band will cross the busy stage. And with gigantic names like guitar legend B.B. King and New Orleans favorite Trombone Shorty headlining the free summer festival favorite, “mega” -- a word festival founder and producer Frank Malfitano uses often -- might be a more appropriate term.

Kevin Costner’s conviction as NFL GM adds ‘Draft Day’ to his list of sports gems

Big egos, powerful players and potential for disaster keep you guessing

"Draft Day" begins with Kevin Costner's serious character, Sonny Weaver Jr., facing the current biggest dilemma in his life.

Behind the Scenes of On Golden Pond

The District Blog – behind the scenes!

Three Syracuse area theater companies created a coalition in order to build a performance based infrastructure throughout Central New York, now known as The District. This blog gives different perspectives and a peek "behind the scenes" by actors, directors, musicians, and participants in the greater CNY theatre community.

OPENING IN FILM: Kevin Costner tackles the NFL

‘Draft Day’ focuses on GM rebuilding Cleveland Browns. Also up is he scary ‘Oculus’ and two 2′s, sequels to ‘Rio’ and ‘The Raid.’

Add football to the list of sports that Kevin Costner has tackled on the big screen.

On the Double

(REVIEW) Two one-act comedies at the Syracuse University Warehouse Theater

Syracuse Shakespeare Festival, Ronnie Bell’s company that puts on free plays at Thornden Park during the summer, moves indoors during the cold. Winter is also a time to move away from Bardolotry to consider some other theater from 300-plus years ago, while also giving different directors a chance to take charge. For the two one-act comedies at the Syracuse University Warehouse Theater, The Suitors and Commedia (running through Sunday, April 13), two women are calling the shots. Veteran actress and director Judith Harris guides the little-known The Suitors, while Lynn Barbato-King helms Commedia, in which new, anonymous material is arranged in Renaissance format.

Classic Reillustrated

(REVIEW) Syracuse Stage’s ‘The Glass Menagerie’

It does not really matter that Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie ranks high on the list of the greatest American plays of the last 100 years. More importantly, it is the most loved. Teachers cannot kill affection for it by making it assigned reading. That’s why this is the third Syracuse Stage production, after 1979 (directed by Arthur Storch) and 1999.