New PBS Documentary Hopes to Open Eyes and Inspire Action

Independent Lens: “Stories are Powerful”

Most of us turn to TV for great stories that entertain and allow us to leave our own lives behind for a spell. But TV, with its focus on visual (sometimes visceral) storytelling, can also serve as an important source of education. It allows us to see how people in communities outside of our own live—be they gay communities, communities of color, rich communities or poor communities. This week, a new documentary series from PBS's Independent Lens brings us into the horrifying worlds of sex trafficking, poverty and abuse—worlds that exist not only in faraway lands, but right here in our backyard.

Does Johnny Depp make a madcap, slapstick British ‘Mortdecai’ work?

Even with a mustache that makes Gwyneth Paltrow gag and a tooth gap that looks like rogue spinach?

Now I know what it's like to be an upper crust English guy born into money and privilege but scurrying around trying to keep his wife happy and the manor under their feet.

Fresh Music Friday: LANY

Los Angeles based electronic trio: LANY

Fresh Music Friday is a new feature at introducing you to new music from around the globe. Presenting various musical styles, Fresh Music Friday's goal is to find and share new music with our readers in an ever changing sonic landscape.

Lotus is ready to bloom at the F Shed

Lotus plays Jan. 24 and 25 at the F Shed

Electronic band Lotus is coming to the F Shed this weekend - playing Saturday, January 24 and Sunday, January 25, followed by after party performances at the Westcott Theater.

So many shoot their mouths off about ‘American Sniper’

Yes, it’s damn glorious that we’re free to argue about it all

American Sniper has become the movie folks love to love or love to hate.

WATCH: Castle Creek Performs at NAMM

Catch a live stream of Castle Creek’s performance at NAMM

Direct from the heart of Central New York, blues rock duo Castle Creek is taking the stage in Anaheim, California at the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show on Thursday January 22 from 11 - 11:40 a.m.  (2 - 2:40 p.m. if you're tuning in from Syracuse)

Rachel Lampert: The Way She Was

Autobiographical pearls for the stage

“All art is autobiographical,” said movie director Federico Fellini. “The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” Rachel Lampert, artistic director of Ithaca’s Kitchen Theatre Company, has been propagating autobiographical pearls for the stage for some time.

Papership Sets Sail for Rock Glory

On Saturday, Jan. 24, Papership will rock the new Funk ’n Waffles Downtown

Mark Romano was a late bloomer when it came to mastering guitar. “I always wanted to play,” the Papership musician recalls. “I tried drums. I was a failed drummer. I couldn’t get it right.”

Victims of Love

Professional Victims releases their third album on Saturday, Jan. 24

Professional Victims, featuring the husband-wife team of Ashley Cox and Shawn Sullivan, will celebrate the release of their third album on Saturday, Jan. 24, at Funk ’n Waffles Downtown, 307 S. Clinton St. Most of Fathom the Cosmos was recorded at the couple’s home studio during 2014, and mixed and mastered at Moletrax.

Amazon’s New Pilots Tackle History, Crossroads

Sarah Hope outlines Amazon Studios’ fourth season of original pilot shows.

In light of Amazon Studios' first Golden Globe win for Transparent, and the announcement that Woody Allen will direct a new half-hour comedy next year (his first foray into TV), there is considerable buzz around their fourth pilot season, which boasts seven new comedies, dramas and docu-series, and six new shows for kids.