Raising Cain in Syracuse by Jessica Novak
Chris Cain’s blues roots go back to his upbringing with a father who had an impressive record collection and love of live performances.
The National Science Foundation presents “Evolution of Maize” at the Great Swamp Conservancy, 8375 North Main Street, Canastota NY.   July 1st through August 26th from 10 am to 3 pm , Monday through Saturday.  Produced by the “Museum of the Earth”, Ithaca, NY.   Eye-Popping graphics, creative fun, and interactives provide an understanding of the evolution […]
“Make Your Summer @ Hazard Branch” * is open to students entering 7th grade through 12th grade. Earn digital badges and show off your skills and achievements on your social media network. Sign up today! *Active participation in the program allows young readers to have outstanding overdue fines waived from their library card accounts.
Fridays, August 1, 8 and 29 During  Library Hours Join us when it’s convenient for you-you decide. Materials for a do-it-yourself craft or other fun activity will be available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For children ages 7-11.
Fridays, August 1, 15 and 29 Do you feel anxious about speaking in public?  Toastmasters can help you polish your skills and gain confidence.  This event is free and open to the public. Call Hazard Branch Library at 435-5326 for more information.

An Introductory Guide to WebComics

An introductory guide to the webcomic world

Considering the diversity of material and the quality of content that is provided for free, it’s amazing that the webcomic doesn’t get much more attention than it does.

#takeatour of #chairs

#takeatour videos come out every Friday!

In this week's episode of #takeatour, Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses Tours explores #chairs!

Tradition Reinvented

The old and new greeted each other at the edge of an apple field in LaFayette this summer.

On Saturday, July 19th, the last of the summer concert series was held at the tasting room of 1911 Spirits (the distillery of Beak and Skiff apple farm). The breezy summer evening showed that tradition is an important marker of cultural identity but also a building block to create something newly dynamic - while feeling grounded in familiar territory. This balance of the established and the new was demonstrated in a perfect marriage of the location of 1911 Spirits and the Americana band, Hackensaw Boys.

“UFO 1952 – The Flying Saucer at the Girls Club”

It looked like a shark’s fin at first …

On a winter’s night in 1952, it was pandemonium at a Girls Club when they all saw a Flying Saucer.

Tech Roundup

Just imagine what people were feeling when the light bulb was invented!

Clean Water A new ocean-cleaning floating garbage picker has been designed to make our world’s waters just a little cleaner and safer for wildlife. A prototype of the device has been built and is located near Easter Island, one of the hubs for plastic in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic – used for an average of 5 minutes before being discarded takes over 500 years to biodegrade and is often found wandering in open water.

No Hate about No. 8 from Tarantino

Tarantino will release western Hateful Eight in 2015

They say that Quentin Tarantino was so enraged when his script got leaked online that he just about canceled plans to make his western Hateful Eight altogether.

The Espresso Shot (#013)

It’s time to go car shopping, Central New York!

The topic of cars are still fresh, it's time to talk shop about the chore of picking out a new vehicle. My car was determined "totaled," that two-syllable word that no one wants to hear, but it's the ripping the band-aid right off. No one enjoys having to feel that sickening feeling while wading in that two-second pool of silence for a breath-pulling number.

5 Outrageous Music Collectibles You Can Find on ebay

From Michael Jackson to Elvis

Outrageous? Probably not. But, there are definitely some unique listings at the one stop internet shop for everything. The eBay selections below are curated on loose criteria: the item itself, the price tag (highest to lowest), unique notes from the seller, or “that’s too easy to pass up.” Click on the title or the picture to see the full listing.

The Trip that Almost Wasn’t

(Travel) A trip to Ireland

It was the trip that almost wasn’t.

New World Order for Badlands

Is there still a future for a DIY music venue in Syracuse?

Badlands, located at 1007 East Fayette Street in Syracuse is officially gone forever.

Raising Cain in Syracuse

Chris Cain’s blues roots go back to his upbringing with a father who had an impressive record collection and love of live performances.

Chris Cain loves the Salt City. “Syracuse is one of my favorite places in the world,” he says from his phone at his California home. “I spilled beer on the mayor once. I was really popular for that. It was years ago. Guys were giving me high-fives and stuff.”

Listener Data Helped Drive WAER Programming Shift

On June 30, the Syracuse University-owned and operated station introduced changes to its weekday programming schedule.

Public radio isn’t all pledge drives and quirky human-interest narratives, they say at WAER-FM (88.3). Sometimes, it’s about shaking up the formula to better suit your audience.

Dear Mr. President

Part of the Problem? No, CNY Can Be Part of the Solutions

I like children ... to a point. I’ll even go a step further and say that anyone who lacks a soft spot for kids at risk needs help themselves.

Problems of a Neglected Region Cross U.S. Borders

Every once in a while, our cluelessness about our neighbors to the south erupts into full-scale engaged lunacy.

“The people of the United States will do anything for Latin America, except read about it.”

Can’t Spell Fundraiser Without F-U-N

Starting Wednesday, Aug. 6, the Unforgettable Comedy Challenge will take place at Funny Bone Comedy Club at Destiny USA.

Comedy is a fair medium. Given nothing but a stage and a microphone, it’s up to the performer to make the audience laugh however he or she can. And when a prize – and pride – are on the line, the stakes are sure to rise.

Jungle Fever at the Redhouse

This Tarzan is aimed at youthful audiences. Think of it as The Lion King’s mini-me.

Tarzan has been swinging on his own vine for a long, long time. When Edgar Rice Burroughs launched Tarzan of the Apes in 1914, the guy was an avatar of British imperialism with racist impulses. Since then he’s been all over the jungle: a swimming champ, a body builder and a soft-core stud. It took the Walt Disney company’s 1999 animated feature Tarzan to emphasize our hero’s identity in his adopted simian family. After Phil Collins’ score won an Oscar, Chinese-American playwright David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly, Chinglish) agreed to write the book for the 2006 Broadway musical, including more music from Collins. The Redhouse Arts Center production (running through Saturday, Aug. 2), with spirited direction from Stephen Svoboda, marks the show’s first appearance in these parts.

Dozens Bring Art To Syracuse Sidewalks

Mary Poppins, The Grateful Dead and a ballerina. These were just some of the themes that artists brought to life in the Sidewalk Art Contest on Saturday.

Mary Poppins, The Grateful Dead and a ballerina. These were just some of the themes that artists brought to life in the Syracuse New Times and Family Times Street Painting Contest on Saturday.

Mark Russell To Perform for Seward House Museum

Mark Russell is on the road again.

Mark Russell is at it again.

Restaurant Draws Fans from Far and Wide

Marti Ebert-Wood reviews Dominick’s restaurant in Syracuse.

I was working in Utica at my other job and happened to mention that I would be dining at Dominick’s that night. Marie, the woman I was working with said, “Oh, I love that restaurant. I get the scallops every time I go. My nephew, fussy-Josh, loves the ravioli and never leaves anything behind, and that is unusual for fussy-Josh.”

Interview: State Senator David Valesky

Grant Reeher’s interview with Senator Dave Valesky.

State Sen. Dave Valesky represents the 53rd District, which contains most of Syracuse along with areas to the east. He is a member of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), a group of Democrats who broke from the Democratic Conference and joined in a coalition with State Senate Republicans to constitute a working majority. Recently, the IDC announced it plans to join with State Senate Democrats after the elections n November.

Classical Glass

James MacKillop takes in Carousel and Madame Butterfly, two popular operatic showcases at this summer’s Glimmerglass Festival

Francesca Zambello retains the common touch at Cooperstown’s Glimmerglass Festival. Determined that the artistic director of one of the nation’s only two world-class summer opera festivals (the other is Santa Fe) should not be seen as formidable, she wanders the pre-curtain crowd, bantering with whomever she can find.

News and Blues

Your weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation.

Curses, Foiled Again

Syracuse’s Iron Woman

Lectie Altman strives to be a world-class triathlete.

One if by land, Two if by sea… Three if by bike.

Pulling a 181

Our area is going through some transitioning

There is apologies in regard to this post and your weekly Thursday espresso shot. My bones were a bit rattled on Sunday morning, which eventually graduated from shaking my person in the physical sense to the mental sense. If my posts turn out to parallel a sidestep of a Luis Buñuel creation, it's because a haze of daze is still hovering around my head. Deciding to go with this route could lead to repercussions. Oftentimes there are serious consequences of car accidents, and it is fortunate to say that no one was injured the other day, just vehicles.

Technological Evolution

Technology has changed the way we do the most significant and mundane things in life. Here’s a quick snapshot of a few telling examples.

The Today Show in 1994 was a lot different than it is “today.” A short, infamous clip of three hosts baffled by everything having to do with “the internet” is extremely laughable now in the “age of online.” Back then, it was Greek to people; now, it’s a universal language.

Avocado in cookies? Meet Avocadough

Tracie Long, of Camillus, founder and “chief baking officer” at For the Health of It! Foods, uses a special ingredient in all of her baked goods: Avocado.

Some bakers have secret/special ingredients for making moist, irresistible cookies: sour cream, cream cheese and applesauce all come to mind.

Stage of Nations Blue Rain EcoFest (Photos)

(Photos) Stage of Nations Blue Rain EcoFest 2014

Syracuse New Times photographer Michael Davis captured some of the sights on Saturday July 26 during the Stage of Nations Blue Rain Eco Fest. See the photos below:

Street Painting 2014 | Chalk Drawing Photos

Syracuse New Times Street Painting Photos

See Michael Davis photos from the 2014 Syracuse New Times Street Painting Competition!

WGN’s Manhattan could be the best show of the summer

“Welcome to nowhere”

A disheveled man in a brown suit stands poised in the dark. He hits a golf ball into a field of fog or maybe a sandstorm, backlit by the headlights of his automobile. Pausing before teeing up a second ball, the man stops as if struck by an idea. He fingers the golf ball, rushes to his car and speeds away. The suit, the car and the lower thirds tell us it’s July 1943 - 766 days before Hiroshima.

Lucy turns out to be pretty smart

(Review) I guess my 10 percent brain power should have allowed me to expect it

How many times when you were growing up did one of your parents give you one of those looks and say, "Use your head," the statement with, you know, that tone?


The Blacklites Kicked off The Nationals Celebrations in Washington Park

No, Vanilla Ice is not back for an encore

Help promote the advantages of filming in Central New York

running through Aug. 2


There’s a tracker that’s virtually impossible to block


Our area is going through some transitioning

Tracie Long, of Camillus, founder and “chief baking officer” at For the Health of It! Foods, uses a special ingredient in all of her baked goods: Avocado.

Syracuse New Times Street Painting Photos

What happening at ArtsWeek?

Architecture is captivating.

News & Opinion

Technology has changed the way we do the most significant and mundane things in life. Here’s a quick snapshot of a few telling examples.

David Armelino covers the New York training camp in Cortland and what to expect from them this season.

Souza, 25, is the Triple-A Chiefs’ best hitter (a .362 batting average with 15 home runs and 63 RBIs through July 19) and will likely make his major-league debut in September, if not sooner.

Your weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation.