Do You See This Man? by Michelle van Dalen
He's homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible
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Starting Point
The 10th Annual SALT Awards (Syracuse Area Live Theater) take place on Sunday October 26, 7:30pm at Syracuse Stage. This year’s ceremony will be hosted by Rita Worlock and Carlos Clemenz, with special live performances by CNY Playhouse, Baldwinsville Theatre Guild and more! Plus special guest appearances throughout the evening. Tickets are general admission and […]
September 12, 2014 – March 16, 2015 at OH Museum This exhibit will focus on the history and influence of Italian culture on our community.  This begins with the very name given to this village in 1825, when John Wilkinson was inspired by a poem about Siracusa, Sicily.  Later, there was an Italian influence in […]
This exhibit highlights winter scenes throughout Onondaga County and features oil, acrylic, & watercolor paintings, photographs, and drawings from area artists and photographers.  The 30 scenes include downtown Syracuse, rural vistas, Oakwood & Rose Hill Cemeteries, and woodland settings.  The imagery also is varied; sometimes stark, sometimes colorful, yet all evocative of a season we […]
The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University celebrates its reopening by presenting exhibitions of revolutionary photographs by Diane Arbus and the remarkably innovative Venice Notebook suite of etchings by iconoclastic artist Richard Serra. Picker Art Gallery Hours Tuesday–Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, noon–5 p.m. Third Thursday of every month, 10 a.m.–8 p.m. The Picker is […]

How Important is Daddy?

He has the ability to change the future generation.

Recently I had to do some research for a new keynote address called, "Bringing up Positive, Happy, Healthy, Well Adjusted Children in a Negative World."

A Family Observes Disk Shaped Object

A 1994 Sighting

It was just an ordinary evening when a Hudson Valley family witnessed a disk shaped object in the night.

How did we get here?

The last tour blog!

I’m sitting under a blanket in Charlotte, North Carolina, thinking about how cold it is (only 64!) and relishing in the comforts of being back in a home (we are staying with my best friend from college’s parents). It’s funny how much Golden and I have come to appreciate the wonder that is staying in a house when we’re so used to our transient lifestyle – drifting from town to town, hotel to parking lot to YMCA to bar to whatever.

The Espresso Shot (#025)

Redder than Aldebaran

Three: the number of times that my arm was stuck with a needle in two days. Why? Because getting blood drawn once isn't good enough.

Tech RoundUp

Zombies, Chimps and Apples

Zombie Shelters for Sale Been watching a little too much Walking Dead lately? This  Cold War reminiscent trend is overtaking parts of the nation. From DIY’s to contract builders charging $35k to upwards of $146,000 equipped with a DJ station and entertainment center. So you can take down those walkers to a soundtrack of your choice.

Even with John Wick poised to do well, Keanu Reeves ain’t what he used to be

There’s a new matrix in play as far as major studios go

With John Wick hitting the theaters, it's good to be Keanu Reeves, kicking butt on the big screen and picking up dinner checks in real life.

For Pastured Thanksgiving Turkey, Order Now

Treat yourself to a locally raised turkey

The turkey, the mashed potatoes, the sweet potatoes, the stuffing, the squash, the green bean casserole, the pies, the gravy, the guests, the grace ... Thanksgiving is one of the most well thought out and lovingly prepared meals for family and friends you'll ever make.

Salt Market 2014: Celebrating Art in Syracuse

The sixth annual Salt Market showcased 56 local artists Saturday at SKY Armory

More than 50 artists showcased their work at the six annual Salt Market in SKY Armory on Saturday. In a warehouse with Christmas lights strung from the ceiling, the crafters and designers sold their prints, knits, and jewelry amidst fresh scones and espresso.

Lonely Planet Recalls the AIDS Epidemic

(Review) Lonely Planet at the Kitchen Theatre Company

People who use typewriters and answer the loud bells of heavy desk phones are still worth listening to. Steven Dietz’s Lonely Planet, set specifically in 1991, employs light absurdist humor and extended metaphors before the audience at Ithaca’s Kitchen Theatre Company figures out just where it’s going.

Sad Café’s Southern Discomfort

(Review) The Ballad of the Sad Cafe at Le Moyne College’s Coyne Center for the Performing Arts

Carson McCullers was the female Tennessee Williams, but with an even deeper taste for misfits. Despite her capacious gifts for theatrical dialogue, McCullers’ 1951 novella The Ballad of the Sad Café was adapted for the stage by Edward Albee in 1965, crafting explosive encounters while remaining faithful to the original text. It took visionary director Matt Chiorini, of Le Moyne College’s Boot and Buskin Theater Club, to know that this nearly forgotten treasure would make a great fit with a student company. The townies of Oklahoma (reset from Georgia by Chiorini) look as authentic as scenic designer Karel Blakeley’s rough-hewn but imposing set, the men in scraggly redneck beards and the women in Montgomery Ward duds.

Evil Dead Serves Up Ghoulish Goulash

(Review) Central New York Playhouse’s Evil Dead: The Musical

The Central New York Playhouse’s area premiere of Evil Dead: The Musical arrives with a number of firsts. For starters, it’s the first show to have its own designated “splatter zone,” with seats tightly lined up together near the stage.

Curtain Up

Syracuse Opera’s Die Fledermaus

Writer Michelle Malia van Dalen reports on Syracuse Opera’s 40th anniversary season,which kicks off this weekend with Die Fledermaus.

Ducking the Goosesteppers

Appleseed Productions presents ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’

Director Lois Haas takes three routes to refresh Appleseed Productions' version of The Diary of Anne Frank. One is small, dealing with the accents. With tutoring from voice coach Marcia Mele, all people confined in the secret upper room speak with muted German accents: “anyone” becomes “anyvun.” This reminds us that we always think of Anne as Dutch; her vulnerable family had fled Germany to be in Holland. Such safety would vanish.

Brother Num’s Rastabilities

(pronounced “noom” for Num H.S. Amun’Tehu)

Two-time Grammy-winning artist Brother Num is known internationally for his reggae music, although he’s not just limited to the dreadlocked genre. The percussionist has appeared on albums with Brian Jackson, Burning Spear, Naughty by Nature, Common and Consequence. He is also fluent in styles spanning African to rhythm’n’blues, Caribbean to blues, and hip-hop to Native American.

Interview: John Katko and Dan Maffei

The two candidates running for Congress

Incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei and Republican challenger John Katko are seeking to represent New York’s 24th District in the House of Representatives. Last month, the New Times invited both candidates to a joint interview; Katko agreed within 24 hours, Maffei has yet to get back to us three weeks later. We’re no longer holding our breath waiting for his reply. However, they both participated in a Campbell Conversation, and this week and next the New Times will publish extended transcripts of that interview. The first part focuses on the campaign and international issues.

You Can’t Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

What Pope Francis has released here is not something you can stop

Forty years is a long time, a number especially significant for a man of a biblical faith, and so, 40 years after his ordination, Fred Daley, the only openly gay Roman Catholic priest in the Syracuse Diocese, can be forgiven for believing that the Promised Land might finally be coming into view.

iGot My iPhone Back

Next time you steal someone’s iPhone, don’t rename it “Malik’s iPhone”

Tucked off Salt Springs Road, the Elmcrest Children’s Center aspires to “protect the promise of childhood.” Cheery cottages and playgrounds provide the setting for therapeutic services to at-risk children and families.

Free Will Astrology

October 22 – 28

ARIES (March 21-April 19) The driest place on the planet is the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. It gets about a half-inch of rain per year. And yet in 2011, archaeologists discovered that it's also home to a site containing the fossilized skeletons of numerous whales and other ancient sea creatures. I'm detecting a metaphorically comparable anomaly in your vicinity, Aries. A seemingly arid, empty part of your life harbors buried secrets that are available for you to explore. If you follow the clues, you may discover rich pickings that will inspire you to revise your history.

News and Blues

Your weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation

Curses, Foiled Again Police charged Shanwaz Khan, 30, with being the brains behind a car-theft ring in Birmingham, England, after he attracted their attention by driving a $90,000 Audi with the personalized license plates “S2OLUN” (stolen). “This was a clear jibe at the authorities,” Detective Constable Mo Azir said after investigators who noticed his car traced it to a group of high-end thefts and subsequently linked Khan to more than 80 car thefts and car jackings. “The joke is on him now, though, as he starts a long prison term.” (Britain’s Daily Mail)

Good for Dan Maffei

His display of unprofessionalism notwithstanding, Maffei has stepped up.

Writing that sticks in the craw only a little. Last month, the New Times invited Maffei and his challenger, John Katko, to a joint interview. Katko responded both quickly (in a single day) and affirmatively. Maffei’s office has yet to respond, 22 days later … and counting. We no longer have a staffer sitting by the phone waiting.

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Do You See This Man?

He’s homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible

Homeless in Syracuse

Do You See This Man? (Mobile Version)

He’s homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible

Homeless in Syracuse

The Weekend Blend

Ah, Syracuse, don’t you just know it?

This weekend was typical to the point where life felt cryptic. And that's about it.

TheSocietyGurl: Local Love at The Salt Market

by Staff

TheSocietyGurl Adventures!

TheSocietyGurl adventures are colorful, always spontaneous and fun!  Join Jamie Ann Owens in her travels around Central New York and beyond... you never know what other happenings she might be sharing next!

The Urban Geek: An Interview with Ben Ingber

A local tech guy who definitely knows his stuff

I first met Benjamin Ingber on Facebook when I became a member of “CNY Bloggers” – a group of local online writers who share ideas, posts and meet up info for get-togethers outside of the cyber-sphere. Ingber created about a year and a half ago as a way to talk about something he has a real passion for in the public forum – technology.

Red Solo Cup, Let’s Not Fill You Up

Reigning as the top party school comes at a cost.

A group of Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF students have created a public art installation of Solo cups to address the environmental effects of waste and party culture in Syracuse.

2015 Will Be a Big Year for TV

The cord-cutting revolution

This week, both HBO and CBS announced standalone streaming services. Next year, we'll all be able to access these networks' programming without a cable subscription. With this double-whammy, and Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable on hold with a ruling not due until the new year, it appears that 2015 might be a game-changing year for television access in the United States.

More than enough drama for 2 sets of actors in The Best of Me

(Review) Amanda will always have Dawson’s heart, thanks to Nicholas Sparks

Yes, it was time for my first Nicholas Sparks-based movie, even though my dear wife Karen - who had thoroughly enjoyed filling me in about how much she loved The Notebook and exactly why and what I missed out on - decided to take a pass.

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Oct. 13 – 19

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The Book of Mormon coming to The Landmark Theatre


The pleasures of Auburn’s intimate music venue Theater Mack.


A local tech guy who definitely knows his stuff

Video tours of Central New York

Reflections of Italy

The first American amateur woman out of the water at Kona

News & Opinion

Kurt Kramer MAY 9, 1928 – AUG. 28, 2014

“I am troubled seeing SU’s center being disbanded”

Players fought their “butts” off against No. 1 Florida State

The two candidates running for Onondaga County sheriff