Metamorphoses Preview by Redhouse
Sneak peek of Metamorphoses at the Redhouse!
Woman Times
ArtRage Gallery is pleased to announce a call to artists for a juried exhibition to be held from September 6 to October 18, 2014.  ArtRage exhibits progressive art that inspires resistance and promotes social awareness, supports social justice, challenges preconceptions, and encourages cultural change. To download the full prospectus, go to All submissions must […]
Including works by Paul Kos, Bill Viola, Hermine Freed, Ruth Vollmer, Rita Myers, Richard Serra and Keith Sonnier, this installation will highlight pioneering art video from the Everson’s permanent collection that hasn’t been on view in decades. The exhibition is an exciting opportunity to immerse oneself in the early world of video art. This exhibition is […]
Wednesdays, April 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 Our popular preschool storytime continues each Wednesday morning with stories, songs, and fingerplays and more. On April 23rd, the storytime will be designed to appeal to a wider range of ages as school-age children will be on Spring Break. So feel free to bring older sibling to […]
This professional level training course provides hands-on instruction for using HEC-RAS modeling to generate hydraulic profiles and to anaylyze and map floodplains and floodways using actual site conditions.  The Practicing Institute of Engineering has approved this course for 7 PDH credits.  Certified Floodplain Managers are eligible to receive 6.5 credts as approved by the NYS Association of Floodplain […]

Metamorphoses Preview

Sneak peek of Metamorphoses at the Redhouse!

Welcome to the weekly web video series: “Redhouse TV: All the Drama of Making Art, All the Heart of Changing People’s Lives.” (Thursdays)

Moon Love

I’ve had a lifelong infatuation with the moon.

Woman Times is a weekly blog series devoted to giving voice to the women of the Central New York community.

What’s Up In Tech

Tech News, Twitter, Movies and Favorites.

Hide your credit cards: here are a few things going on in the tech world. Heartbleed “It is the most serious security issue the connected world has ever seen and we will be discussing it for years to come,” says Thomas Hart, Web Application Developer at Terakeet.

It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to eat all the Peeps

I don’t want to hear a Peep out of you

The powers that be are planning a Marshmallow Peeps movie.

Points of Reference: April 24

(Points of Reference: a music blog for people with short attention spans)

POINTS OF REFERENCE is a music news blog for people with actual lives and/or short attention spans: a weekly selection of topical, pop music talking points fit for bars and break rooms. It’s divided into three sections: NEWS (duh), ALBUM RELEASES (once more with feeling), and STUFF AND THINGS (random, music-related crap from the internet). So, I’m all finished up here. Scroll down, won’t you?

Salt City Storytellers

Entertainment analyst Bill DeLapp previews the Syracuse International Film Festival’s weekend with locally connected moviemakers

Earlier this month the Syracuse International Film Festival placed an accent on “international.” Award-winning Iranian filmmaker, photographer, video artist and poet Abbas Kiarostami visited Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), as he conducted workshops with students and presented screenings of his features at several venues. During his two-week stay Kiarostami even squeezed in some time to read his poetry at the SU Warehouse’s Point of Contact Gallery.

Annual Band Brouhaha Visits the Landmark

Rockin’ the Redhouse and Remembering Mike Casale

Last year the 6-year-old Rockin’ the Red Cross fundraiser took new shape when it morphed into Rockin’ the Redhouse. Bill Hider, chairman of the Redhouse board of directors and head of the fundraiser committee, realized that the transition year was tough for everyone. But this year’s event is stronger than ever.

New York Stories

Schweinfurth Art Center’s ‘Made in New York’

The new display at Auburn's Schweinfurth Art Center rambles through several rooms, presenting work by 65 artists. An exhibition this large inevitably offers contrasts in media, subjects, and artistic perspective. However, the 2014 edition of Made in New York has its own imprint. There's interest in small pieces, in distinctive approaches to familiar subjects, in photos which make up one-third of the show's portfolio, and much more.

Syracuse New Times heading between the sheets

(Sanity Fair) Alternative Weekly Seeks Office Manager and Sex Columnist.

In all the excitement over the recent launch of the redesigned Syracuse New Times, you might have missed the news that we are losing a valued member of our team. Christine Dolgos Scheuerman, our office manager, will be heading to North Carolina, leaving us to pick up the pieces and carry on. Before she goes, Christine will have the unenviable task of finding her own replacement. To that end, she has prepared a job description, which you can find in this issue or on our website. The job description reads in part:

Neil Simon’s Boob Tube Memories

Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor, at the Central New York Playhouse

Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor, at the Central New York Playhouse through May 3, is the playwright’s second essay on comedy. In The Sunshine Boys (1972), he shows us how the wells of humor are found in bitterness and disappointment. In the autobiographical Laughter (1993), Simon lets us know how a joke factory works. He was once the junior-most (25 years old) member of a team producing 90 minutes of material for a volatile neurotic on live television. The action begins in March 1953, but there is nothing nostalgic about Laughter. In an uncanny anticipation of AMC’s Mad Men, Laughter presents a world that, for all its explosive hilarity amid tension, we have no wish to return to.

A relationship worth the risk

Don’t feel bad, Syracuse Cheesecake Factory.

How would you react if you had a close friend who behaved in a revolting, hurtful way that violated the most basic tenets of civilization? Would you run from that person, or would you offer heaping portions of love and support because that’s what a true friend does in a crisis?

Student spots still unfilled at city’s new Latin Academy

The district has extended the application deadline until April 28.

There is still time for pupils to apply for kindergarten and first-grade classes beginning this fall at the Syracuse Latin Academy, a new concept school that the city school district is opening in September in the same building as Hughes Elementary School. The district has extended the application deadline until April 28.

SU fashion seniors debut inspired collections

SU Senior Collection Fashion Show

The loud noise of Jessica Wolfe’s sewing machine is nothing compared to the ball of nerves inside of her. Beautiful mustard colored fabric is strewn about and cutouts of pieces for a jacket are meticulously lying on the table. Her other designs proudly hang nearby. She is nearly finished with her collection, yet her work will never be done.

Interview: Judge Joseph Fahey

(Campbell Conversations) Grant Reeher interviews Judge Joseph Fahey

One of Syracuse’s most intriguing mayors is Democrat James McGuire, who in 1896 bucked a Republican establishment to be elected. Onondaga County Court Judge Joseph Fahey has written a biography of McGuire, James K. McGuire:  Boy Mayor and Irish Nationalist. In his six years in office, McGuire built 38 schools, initiated extensive street paving and was a key figure in the creation of the Everson Museum and the Carnegie Library.

Downtown Living Tour

(Living Space) Downtown Living Tour Saturday, May 17

Tickets are on sale for the eighth annual Downtown Living Tour, scheduled noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 17.

A Syracuse guy running a Syracuse team for the Syracuse fans

“It’s going to take a little while to get this thing right”

Jason Smorol left baseball, but baseball never left him.

New products from Wake Robin Farm

“We chose the name ‘Hayseed Bakery’ to reflect the simple, wholesome nature of our baked goods”

Face Time: Kellie Gingold

(Face Time) Kellie Gingold, the 2014 Syracuse Woman of the Year.

The Syracuse Commission for Women has named Kellie Gingold 2014 Syracuse Woman of the Year. Gingold was selected for her volunteer work on fundraisers including the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Fashion Show, benefiting Hope for Heather; Race for the Cure; Manlius Pebble Hill After Prom Party: Pimped, benefiting the American Heart Association; and Ronald McDonald House Charity Fashion Show.

Rant and Rave

by Staff

(Rant and Rave) Earth Day and Auto Free Zones

So, you’ve found the Rant & Rave corner. What goes here? You go here.

Show us your Muscle

by Staff

(Auto) Here are a few highlights from the muscle of the show

The New York International Auto Show, which opened last weekend, is featuring plenty of family cars we’ll actually drive, with new models for Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Jeep Renegade and Suburu Outback. Fine, dependable family cars. Responsible cars.

Black is the New Orange

by Staff

New uniforms for the SU football team

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Curses, Foiled Again Denver police arrested four burglary suspects who tried to sell stolen goods back to their victim. Lacinda Robinson, 24, said that after discovering the crime, she went to a nearby McDonald’s parking lot, where two young men offered her a PlayStation 3 video game similar to the one she lost. She declined, but when another youth approached her wearing a distinctive Washington Redskins jacket “that I believe belonged to me” she realized the men were selling her stuff. She reported the incident to two off-duty police. (Denver’s KMGH-TV)



ARIES (March 21-April 19) If for some inexplicable reason you are not simmering with new ideas about how you could drum up more money, I don't know what to tell you -- except that maybe your mother lied to you about exactly when you were born. The astrological omens are virtually unequivocal: If you are a true Aries, you are now being invited, teased and even tugged to increase your cash flow and bolster your financial know-how. If you can't ferret out at least one opportunity to get richer quicker, you might really be a Pisces or Taurus. And my name is Jay Z.

A Pawn in a Political Game

County defends health department reorganization.

A woman with years of experience as a social worker in Syracuse tells a story of a mother sleeping with her newborn baby in bed between her and the baby’s dad. The baby suffocated because of the heat of the parents' bodies and the heat of the room.

Table Hopping

The internet is full of lists and how-to articles from random sources.

There is one thing that I have to try, because I'm curious about it. There is no pride with admitting to what this thing is, but it's something some of us may have endured due to the sheer curiosity of it...or giving in to the coaxing friend(s)...or you were dragged out of your home, kicking and screaming.

Sailing in a Suitcase

Syracuse start up ‘Regattable’ creates portable boat

Two suitcases, actually.

Believe this: ‘Heaven Is for Real’ tackles big questions

Pastor Todd Burpo’s real story reaches complex heights

Of course a movie should not sway something as significant as whether or not you believe in an afterlife.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

April 14 – 20

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#takeatour (shoes)

#takeatour takes a peek at #shoes

In this week’s episode of #takeatour, Christi Smith & Michael Heagerty from NOexcuses Tours takes a peek at some #SHOES

Open for the season: Diamond Catering Roadside Grill

The grill will be open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday (weather permitting)


Pastor Todd Burpo’s real story reaches complex heights

A four part documentary with the Redhouse Arts Center.

bettyElm Records, has a vision to foster a music scene in Syracuse that is a thriving and diverse.

Models stomped the stages during Syracuse Fashion Week April 9 – 12.

(Music) Helping bands reach the next level.


Memoir of SU rape written in hopes recovery will be easier for other victims


(Auto) Here are a few highlights from the muscle of the show

#takeatour takes a peek at #shoes

The grill will be open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday (weather permitting)

See photos from Blowout 2014 – Circus Freak!

“The culture of dominance, the culture of violence is pervasive across cultures.”

News & Opinion

A letter by Dr. Cynthia Morrow

Rejected by Supreme Court, Onondaga Nation pursues land claim in an international forum

Central New York needs to take action on climate change now.

Spanking relaxed me…

(Campbell Conversations) Grant Reeher speaks with whistle-blowers Tom Drake and Susan Wood