10 Ways to Cook a Turkey
by Ty Marshal - Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Tradition and trend mix in our list of turkey recipes.

Bird is the word this time of year. Originally a staple of the Native American diet, turkey was introduced to pilgrim settlers by the Native American Wampanoag tribe.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, and became an official holiday in the United States on October 3, 1863 by a proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln.

Now that you’ve gotten a short history lesson, let’s get on to the 10 Ways to Cook a Turkey! Some are traditional and some are downright strange.

#10 Crock-Pot Turkey

Crock Pot Turkey

You’ll need a crock-pot large enough to house a whole turkey, and the end result won’t be a picture-esque golden bird -  but reports say that it’s an easy process with a tender and moist result.

Click here for a Crock-Pot Turkey Recipe on Babble.com


#9 Grilled Turkey

Grilled Turkey

For those of you already missing summer, grilling your turkey is an option to re-live those sun-baked days, or to assert your grill-master abilities in front of the whole family.

Click here for a Grilled Turkey Recipe on AllRecipes.com


#8 Deep-Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

The deep-fried turkey is still reigning in popularity – and the cause of many 3rd degree burns and grease fires on Thanksgiving – so be careful! If you’re looking to impress the in-laws with your Turkey cookin’ abilities, this may be the answer (everyone likes fried food, right?)

Click here for a Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe on FoodGeeks.com


#7 Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Need we say more. Bacon + Anything = Awesome.

Click here for a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Recipe (if you dare) from TheRunawaySpoon.com


#6 Turducken


It’s a chicken wrapped in a duck wrapped in a turkey. Nothing compares to showing up your family rival like excess (that is, unless you wrap a turkey in bacon). Junior Hebert claims to have invented the turducken with his brother Sammy at their butcher shop in Maurice, Louisiana, five miles south of Lafayette, in 1984.

Click here for some Turducken Recipes from Turduckenrecipes.com


#5 Beer Brined Turkey

Beer Brined Turkey

If you like beer, and you like turkey – this is your answer. But, if you’ve never used a brine before, you might want to practice before unleashing this recipe on your family. (Hint: Don’t drink and brine)

Click here for a Beer-Brined Turkey from TheHomeBrewChef.com


#4 Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey

You need a smoker, wood chips, time and patience  – and you need to like the taste of smoked meats. We wouldn’t suggest going at this “cold turkey” (especially if you have a lot of guests coming to your Thanksgiving table).

Click here for a Smoked Turkey Recipe from TheDomesticMan.com


#3 Sun-Tanned Turkey

Sun Tanned Turkey Sick of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey? Not into Bacon? Put the grill away until next summer? All it takes is some aluminum foil and a dash of creativity.

You don’t need a recipe to figure this one out.


#2 Orange – Bourbon Turkey

Turkey Bourbon

Looking to make this Thanksgiving a little “wild?” Try your turkey with a side of bourbon.

Click here for an Orange-Bourbon Turkey Recipe from FoodNetwork.com


#1 The Classic Thanksgiving Turkey (roasted)

Norman Rockwell

The traditional choice. The old standby. The bird as you know it – The Classic Thanksgiving Turkey

Click here for some recipes from RealSimple.com

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