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City Super Market by Ed Griffin-Nolan
Nojaim’s market sticks with its Near West Side customers
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Inevitable Coffee Ring
LIQUID COLOR EXPLOSION Recent work by John Williams In September of 2013, I embarked on an artistic journey and creating a new style of painting, experimenting with liquid flowing color, I call it Color Flow Painting. I don’t use brushes much. A piece begins by consciously selecting the colors, making the moment sacred, and attempting […]
OHA has opened an exhibit featuring the watercolors of the late Betty Munro, a local artist who could be seen painting in downtown Syracuse throughout the 1970s to the early 1990s.  The exhibit will focus on Betty’s artistic diversity through the use of watercolors.  All paintings in the exhibit will be available for sale.  OHA […]
Associated Artists of CNY presents its annual holiday art show. Art work may be taken at the time of purchase.
Discover the Fun of Fossils at the Great Swamp Conservancy, 8375 No Main Street, Canastota, NY  Come nose to nose with Allosaurus, a 30 foot long Dinosaur. Follow in his foot prints down The Road to Fossilization. Make your own fossil replica. Adopt a real fossil to take home. Study a real petrified log 120 […]

The Espresso Shot (#030)

A poem for Thanksgiving

Saying Grace

Critic agrees: Selma could be about today

News from Ferguson makes Missourian feel ‘naive’

While writing for about the new movie Selma Tuesday, reviewer Mike Ryan quickly connected the dots between the biography about Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights march in 1964 and this week's news in Ferguson, Mo., that charges were not brought against the policeman who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown.

Gingerbread Gallery Transforms Erie Canal Museum

Gingerbread Gallery through Jan. 4 at the Erie Canal Museum

Each winter, the Erie Canal Museum is transformed from an educational and historical institution into something more akin to Candy Land, flooded with gingerbread, frosting, gum drops and just about every other sugary item on the market.

Yule Love Area Artworks for Sale

A Syracuse-centric alternative to yuletide gift giving.

Not everyone is pushing electronics or gift cards during the holiday season. Several local venues also sell works by artists from Central New York, offering a Syracuse-centric alternative to yuletide gift giving.

Comedian Finds Laughs in Her Syracuse Roots

Jessimae Peluso is home for the holidays

When comedian Jessimae Peluso is home for the holidays, she likes spending time with her family. It’s guaranteed to get her at least a couple minutes of material.

From Warehouse to Apartments

The historic C.G. Meaker Food Co. warehouse

The first time he walked into the historic C.G. Meaker Food Co. warehouse at 538 Erie Blvd. W., Luke Esposito saw the building’s potential.

Todo es Culpa de Obama

Immigration, Afghanistan, Benghazi

Todo es culpa de Obama. Todo.

Still Befuddled by the Mystery of Women

“Experience a day in the life of a real woman.”

For years I’ve suspected that women lead difficult, complicated lives, and that they differ from men in more than just the obvious ways. Not being a woman, I prefer not to dwell on these matters, yet sometimes they can’t be avoided. I live with one woman plus two women-in-training, ages 14 and 11, which is to say I live in a state of deep confusion. Who are these people and what do they want?

Crunch’s Record-Setting Game: Mezmermizing

“The atmosphere. The crowd. It’s an event.”

Here’s the first thing that came to Syracuse Crunch season-ticket holder Chuck McCarty’s mind when he heard that Crunch owner Howard Dolgon had arranged for his team to host the “Frozen Dome Classic” – the first hockey game at the Carrier Dome.

Interview: Marsha Weissman

The founding executive director of the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA)

This interview continues the recent Campbell Conversation theme of poverty in Syracuse. Weissman is the founding executive director of the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA), headquartered in Syracuse and New York City. CCA is a research advocacy and service organization dedicated to alternatives to incarceration and supporting people in the criminal justice system.

News and Blues

A weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation

Curses, Foiled Again Andrew James Joffe, 24, called 911 to report that he was lost and being chased by wild hogs in Pasco County, Fla. Deputies who responded located Joffe and then discovered he had an open warrant for driving with a suspended license. While his backpack was being inventoried for safekeeping at the jail, a deputy found a GPS whose “home address” wasn’t Joffe’s. Joffe admitted taking it and other items from a car. “We have had people with warrants call us to turn themselves in before,” Sheriff Grady Judd said, “but it’s unusual for someone with an active warrant, who just burglarized a car, to get lost and call us for help.” (Sarasota’s WWSB-TV)

Free Will Astrology

Astrology for Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

ARIES (March 21-April 19) What exactly do you believe in, Aries? What's your philosophy of life? Do you think that most people are basically good and that you can make a meaningful life for yourself if you just work hard and act kind? Do you believe that evil, shapeshifting, kitten-eating extraterrestrials have taken on human form and are impersonating political leaders who control our society? Are you like the character Crash Davis in the film Bull Durham, who believed in "high fiber, good scotch, the sweet spot, and long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days"? Now would be an excellent time for you to get very clear about the fundamental principles that guide your behavior. Re-commit yourself to your root beliefs -- and jettison the beliefs that no longer work for you.

City Super Market

Nojaim’s market sticks with its Near West Side customers

Social scientists say one of the difficulties for the urban poor is the “food desert” — the scarcity of choices in the city. Reporter Ed Griffin-Nolan looks at how Nojaim's market changes with the times.

Memories of Thanksgiving Past

Keep memories of those wonderful holidays alive

This is about Thanksgiving, but it starts with the death of my father.

Classified 11/12

by Staff


Solidarity Continues at Syracuse University

Everything you need to know about THE General Body’s Protests at SU

For the past three weeks, students have organized to raise awareness to issues facing marginalized groups at Syracuse University. THE General Body, a collective of student organizations, wants to address the administration's recent changes, including the closure of the Advocacy Center and cuts to a scholarship fund for minority students. This year at SU has been defined by a particularly active participation from student voices. Earlier this semester, groups of students led protests in relation to similar social justice issues.

Top 5 Finds at the Buy Local Bash

Top 5 picks from the Buy Local Bash!

TheSocietyGurl (Jamie Ann Owens) visited the 5th Annual Buy Local Bash at the Landmark Theatre on Monday, Nov. 24.

Three Lists of 15 for the 3-1-5

A few things to do while milling about Central New York during this holiday season.

Yesterday, Monday, November 24th, was the Central-New-York-based SyracuseFirst annual Buy Local Bash. A big kudos goes to the organization's Executive Director, Chris Fowler, and advisory committee for throwing the fifth locally-conscious event, which was held this year at Syracuse's always elegant Landmark Theatre. Yearly, the participants grow and so do the attendees.

Hot Tech Gifts for the Holidays

A comprehensive tech holiday gift guide

Wondering what to get the tech lover in your life this year? Here’s a quick list of what’s hot and where you can find it locally.

Frozen Dome Classic (photos)

Photos from the Dome!

A record crowd of 30,715 flocked to the Carrier Dome for the Frozen Dome Classic on Saturday Nov. 22. Syracuse New Times photographer Michael Davis captured the event through his camera lens.

5 times TV nailed Thanksgiving

November television specials have captured the essence of Thanksgiving

This Thursday, millions of Americans will gather around kitchen tables large and small to celebrate the gift of family and eat themselves into tryptophan comas.

Mockingjay keeps the Hunger burning

(Review) Jennifer Lawrence and Games gang don’t stand strong in chapter 3

Will Katniss Everdeen ever be handed too much than she can handle?

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Top 5 Stories of the Week for Nov. 17 – 23

Every Sunday we check our analytics to see which stories garnered the most attention in the past week. The stories with the most views make it to the Top 5 Stories of the Week on!

#takeatour Buy Local

What does it mean to “Buy Local?”

Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses sits down for a chat with Chris Fowler from Syracuse First to talk LOCAL!

Rectangle UFO over the Power Lines

A father and son observe a rectangular-shaped UFO

A father and son never expected to see a rectangle UFO over the power lines.

Tech RoundUp

Tech RoundUp: Tony Hawk rides a Hendo, Kim Kardashian, Social Media and Civic Pride

Tony Hawk Rides the Hendo Hover Who would be the coolest person to test out this new tech (besides Michael J. Fox)? The most famous skateboarder in history took a spin on the world’s first hoverboard as shown in this YouTube video. X-Games fans are eager to see him take it out on the open road in years to come.

The Espresso Shot (#029)

Beef With Cheddar Makes It Better at Clark’s Ale House

Sometimes a writer needs a place to sit, abandon the coffee or tea and opt for a cask craft, to look at a piano and stare at it and debate whether to play it. Sometimes this place is not the most conventional or the most quiet (but has its moments), but there is a comfortable  seat available in a quiet nook. And if food is either not an option or you're full, a handful of peanuts is within an arms reach. The cracking of the legumes not only disrupts silence, but it is a stress reliever: and there is a just reward within the shell of constructive channeling. And this is the only beginning of Clark's Ale House.

A critic passed who wrote many film opinions for L.A.

Every time, Charles Champlin says, he respected the art

The particular item isn't about film, per se. And it's not going to take on the humorous tone - snarky, even - that I usually venture into on this side of my twice-weekly film blogging venture.

How an Upstate Hamlet Was Named After an Ancient Italian City

This is the story

Syracuse has an historic and appropriate link to Italy, one that pre-dates the influx of immigrants from that country during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The city is the namesake of the ancient town on the Italian seacoast in Sicily called Siracusa.

Local Hop (Review)

Sentimental Blues. Tim Herron.

Sentimental Blues. Tim Herron (independent). Usually known for the energetic guitar-driven jam rock of the Tim Herron Corporation, when Herron sets out on his own, the result is quite a far departure. Much like his previous solo venture Gone By Now (reviewed in the Dec. 19, 2013, issue of the Syracuse New Times), Herron’s music takes a revealing turn.


Every time, Charles Champlin says, he respected the art

Crossing the Atlantic for the first time

Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman perform two Syracuse shows

Stepping Out boasts nine roles for women and one for a man

Art writer Carl Mellor takes in a trio of diverse exhibits at the Everson Museum


Food writer Margaret McCormick offers her annual ideas for interesting, unusual things to give for the holidays


A few things to do while milling about Central New York during this holiday season.

Photos from the Dome!

What does it mean to “Buy Local?”

Beef With Cheddar Makes It Better at Clark’s Ale House

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