Jon Nakamatsu: Piano Man by Jessica Novak
With Symphoria, Nakamatsu already feels at home.
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Monday, May 4-Friday, May 8 The County  Health Department has created a 7-poster service display of breast cancer survivors. These will be on display in the Adult area.
Id/Ego/SuperEgo @ The Tech Garden, an exhibit of artwork exploring the psychological self. Featuring the work of 18 artists from across CNY working with a wide variety of materials & methods. Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, fibers, video/film and performance art. Including works by Julie Angerosa Lauren Bristol Kathy Donovan Christopher Farrell Cathy Marsh Jenn […]
Opening April 23, this exhibit features many images and artifacts that explore the saga of the local Armenian community from the 1890s to the present:   The assistance that local Syracusans, such as SU Chancellor James Day played in helping Armenian refugees Businesses and industries that Armenians created here The importance of their religious and […]

Core Principles

A healthy eating restaurant to open in North Syracuse

Melissa Vassenelli lives to run and runs to live. While training for a marathon recently in North Syracuse, she noticed a new restaurant under construction touting greens, grains, broths and juices.

The Honor Roll

by Staff

Syracuse New Times wins awards

The Syracuse New Times, one of the oldest alternative weeklies in the United States, walked away with another cache of awards from the 37th annual Syracuse Press Club Awards and the New York Press Association "Better Newspaper Contest" for our coverage throughout 2014.

Still Making a Difference

Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 16

Things have changed in the fight against breast cancer. Since 1980, the five-year relative survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer has gone from 74 percent to 99 percent. The way the world talks about and treats the disease has also changed, and organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure are at the front lines of the battle. However, that doesn’t mean people like Kathy Caiello and Jon Selzer are losing steam.

(Photos) Teamster School

Draft Animal Practicum in Marathon

Traditionally, the men and women that used horses, mules and oxen to make over-the-road pickups and deliveries were called teamsters.

Pedal Pushers Born to be Mild

Kramer takes on the Five Boro Bike Tour

Way back in February 1977, a small group of New York City cycling enthusiasts had a dream. They would launch a ride across the city that would become so popular that a Marriott in the Financial District would be able to gouge guests $20 per night to store a bicycle in a nearby garage.

Say Yes: Still a Good Idea

What we need now is a recommitment to Say Yes

(Read Part 1 - CLICK HERE)

Jon Nakamatsu: Piano Man

With Symphoria, Nakamatsu already feels at home.

Jon Nakamatsu didn’t go to college for music, nor did he a full-time music career. In fact, just before he won the Gold Medal at the 1997 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, he was a German teacher.

Time to Rhyme with Seussical: The Musical

Seussical: The Musical at The Redhouse

Redhouse Arts Center executive artistic director Stephen Svoboda was suffering near-crippling back pain last week. He was not there for the opening night of Seussical: The Musical, one of three components of the third annual District Festival.

News and Blues

Your weekly dose of weird and funny news!

Curses, Foiled Again Someone reported two men acting suspiciously in a parked car in Rexburg, Idaho, but before police could respond, the men, aware that they had been observed, assumed they had been discovered by undercover officers. They called 911 and admitted possessing 20 pounds of marijuana. Rexburg police, who said they had no idea the men were driving through town with drugs, arrived to find Leland Ryan Kaimipono Ayala-Doliente, 21, and Craig Seward, 22, standing outside their car with the pot. (Pocatello’s Idaho State Journal)

Classified 05/06

by Staff


Free Will Astrology

See what’s in your stars!

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Benedictine monks observe the Latin motto Laborare est Orare. The 19th-century abbot Maurus Wolter interpreted these words to mean "work is worship" or "work is prayer." He was trying to impress upon his fellow monks that the work they did was not a grudging distraction from their service to God, but rather at the heart of their devotion. To do their tasks with love was a way to express gratitude for having been blessed with the gift of life. I propose that you experiment with this approach in the coming weeks, even if your version is more secular. What would it be like to feel contentment with and appreciation for the duties you have been allotted?

SocietyGurl: It’s a Date

Go on a date with SocietyGurl!

Blogger, vintage lover and cocktail shaker, The Society Gurl (Jamie Ann Owens) goes on a date with a visit to the Salt Market and Notch 8 Cafe. //

The Swans Take Flight

Syracuse City Ballet presents Swan Lake May 15 + 16

"It's never just black and white" emphasizes this year's Syracuse City Ballet's performances of Swan Lake.

How to Make Pasta with Broccoli and Garlic

Cooking Italian with Joe

Joe Borio, host of "Cooking Italian with Joe" shares his simple and delicious recipe of pasta and broccoli. This is a great memory of Italy as he was growing up with his grandmother who made everything special and delicious.

Upcoming Conversation on Public Art

Let’s talk public art on May 5 from 10 a.m.- Noon

You’re invited to a Connective Corridor community conversation on public art May 5, 10 a.m. to noon SU Warehouse, Suite 405 (fourth floor conference suite) 350 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY

Fresh Music Friday: Milking Diamonds

Listen to Milking Diamonds

Presenting various musical styles from around the globe, Fresh Music Friday finds and shares new music every Friday on

1966 UFO: A Huge Green Orb UFO

Who knew that a family’s day trip would result in witnessing a huge green orb UFO.

Roger and his family lived in New York City, in the Bronx specifically. It was late June 1966, Roger, his wife, daughter 12 and two sons, ages eight and six, decided to get up before sun rise and hit the open road for a day trip to Pennsylvania. The family of six were traveling south on the Throgs Neck suspension bridge just prior to sunrise.

(Photos) ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest

Photos of a local march against police brutality

Members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Syracuse Answer Coalition and THE General Body of Syracuse University marched across the city of Syracuse on Thursday April 30 protesting police brutality and to show their support for Freddie Grey, a 25-year-old African American who sustained spinal cord injuries while being taken into custody by the Baltimore Police Department.

Valve Introduces Monetized Mods, Huge Backlash Reverses Decision

How to create modifications of games and share them with others

Valve Corporation, the company in charge of PC gaming content platform Steam, In cooperation with game developer Bethesda, introduced a new feature to the Steam Workshop: Paid Mods.

EPISODE 009: Jeannette Hanna – World of Cheddar, Interactive Design

Listen to an interview with Jeannette Hanna

This week we have Jeannette Hanna of World of Cheddar. Hanna is a student at SU and specializes in interactive design exploring also virtual reality, augmented reality, and other new technology and media. Listen here for a really interesting and fun show.

Say Maybe to Education

Sadly, our kids have gotten used to broken promises.

When you make a promise to a child, it’s got to be a sure thing.

Searching for the Hair Apparent

Give Jeff Back His Hair!

As I watched the Bruce Jenner interview, I felt happy for him. Finally, Jenner can be the person he knew he always was. I only wish he’d outed himself as a transgender person sooner, for his sake and the sake of others.

Blues Brothers & Sisters Inducted into NY Blues Hall of Fame

The New York Blues Hall of Fame is an eMuseum growing each year

Central New York blues royalty, including Pete McMahon, Phil Petroff, Colin Aberdeen, Mark Tiffault, Dave Olson, George Rossi, Carolyn Kelly, Dave Liddy, Jimmy Wolf and Tom Townsley, will be inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame this weekend, along with posthumous honorees Roosevelt Dean, K.J. James and Al Nathan.

Puppet Hand Jive for Avenue Q

Avenue Q, the season finale from the Syracuse University Drama Department

The PBS children’s series Sesame Street, launched in 1969, was an urban oasis where everyone got along, regardless of race or class, and every child could see himself or herself as special and could do anything. Every dream was worth pursuing.

Folkus at 15

The Folkus Project of Central New York

In the dimly lit sanctuary of May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society Church, 3800 E. Genesee St., folk music enthusiasts fill the pews surrounding the elevated platform for the night’s concert. Before the music begins, there are a few short announcements, which end the way they always do: A volunteer of the Folkus Project of Central New York says to the audience, “Folk, because that’s us!” And the audience calls back in unison, “Us, because that’s who we are!”

Cruz Control: Juan Cruz’s one-man show

Arts writer Carl Mellor visits a new show by Juan Cruz, who has cut and reshaped his previous works

None of That: Nada de Eso, Juan Cruz's one-man show at La Casita Cultural Center, poses a fundamental question: Why would a talented artist take scissors and deliberately slice up a bunch of his paintings? For Cruz, that act isn't mutilation but an initial stage in a new creative process.

News and Blues

Your weekly dose of weird and funny news

Curses, Foiled Again Jeffrey Wood, 19, announced a robbery at a convenience store in Washington, D.C., where two police detectives were shopping. They were in plain clothes, but one had her badge hanging from her neck. She told the suspect, “Stop playing, I got 17,” referring to the number of bullets in her gun. Wood reportedly replied, “I got 17, too.” He was bluffing, however, and was easily arrested. (The Washington Post)

Free Will Astrology

See what’s in your stars!

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Chris Moneymaker was employed as an accountant in Tennessee. On a whim, he paid $39 to enter an online poker tournament. Although he knew a lot about the game, he had never competed professionally. Nevertheless, he won the tournament. As his award, he received no money, but rather an invitation to participate in the annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Can you guess the storybook ending? The rookie triumphed over 838 pros, taking home $2.5 million. I don't foresee anything quite as spectacular for you, Aries, but there may be similar elements in your saga. For example, a modest investment on your part could make you eligible for a chance to earn much more. Here's another possible plot twist: You could generate luck for yourself by ramping up a skill that has until now been a hobby.

Society Gurl: Home Sweet Home

Join the SocietyGurl as she gets into the “spirit” of Central New York

Blogger, vintage lover and cocktail shaker, The Society Gurl (Jamie Ann Owens) comes home from vacation in the Bahamas and explores the region's spirits at Good Nature Farm Brewery and Tap Room, Life of Reilley and 1911 Spirits.

Syracuse Spring Fest ‘In Short’

Sunday’s short films took place at 1 p.m., and they were a definitive highlight.

For those who missed Spring Fest 2015 at The Palace Theatre: You missed out on a lot. Even attending one day, Sunday, wasn't enough. require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"85d2ba0025c653b3e192092c1","lid":"f3647e1ce0"}) })


With Symphoria, Nakamatsu already feels at home.

Syracuse City Ballet presents Swan Lake May 15 + 16

The Folkus Project of Central New York

Six to eight finalists to be selected for the Connective Corridor’s $650,000 call for public art

(Part 2 of 2) Khalid Hussein El-Hakim is a Hip-Hop scholar, author, educator and collector.


Arts writer Carl Mellor visits a new show by Juan Cruz, who has cut and reshaped his previous works


A healthy eating restaurant to open in North Syracuse

Go on a date with SocietyGurl!

Amiibo figures limited quantity makes them difficult to find in stores

News & Opinion

Syracuse New Times wins awards

How to create modifications of games and share them with others

Sadly, our kids have gotten used to broken promises.

Give Jeff Back His Hair!

Your weekly dose of weird and funny news