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March Sadness by Matt Michael
Sports writer Matt Michael on the SU men’s basketball’s checkered season, which prematurely ends this weekend
Until the late 19th century, women’s role in the art world was limited to the social graces of drawing as part of marriage preparations. Through the open hand of a few art institutions and funding through patrons, museums, private galleries, and the Graphic Arts Division of the Federal Art Project of the Works Projects Administration, […]
This exhibition examines over 30 years of printmaking by internationally recognized artist and print historian Carol Wax. The artist has become well known for her use and study of the mezzotint technique, and the selected prints explore her fascination with mechanization, drawing, and the historic reproductive medium. Parking is available on a first come, first […]
Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course from Realism to Abstraction is a retrospective exhibition that features work by award-winning American painter and printmaker Minna Citron (1896–1991). Citron’s New York-based career was long and distinguished, with numerous exhibitions worldwide and her works represented in the permanent collections of major museums in the United States and abroad. Citron […]
Exhibit in the East Gallery of the Earlville Opera House from January 31st to March 14th, 2015. “In working thrugh visual form and diverse materials and sites, I create imperfect, often temporary memorials to nature that speak of our relationship to the earth.  The imitative and imperfect representations of nature in these works reflect the […]

SU Basketball 2015 Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2015 SU Basketball season

All Photos: Michael Davis

Class Act: David Rezak

Dave Rezak receives this year’s Sammy Hall of Fame award for music educator

On Thursday, March 5, Upstairs and the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the Syracuse Area Music Awards (Sammys) will host its annual Hall of Fame ceremony, featuring inductees Bobby Comstock, Chris Goss, Loren Barrigar, The Works and Phish’s Jon Fishman.

Appice Brothers: They Got the Beat

Carmine and Vinny Appice’s drumming master class takes place Wednesday, March 11

When many drummers today list off their influences, names like Phil Collins, Neil Peart and John Bonham may come up. But on Wednesday, March 11, a drummer is coming to ton who has been named as the influence of those skin-hitters.

Folkus Hosts Pine Hill Performing Pair

The Pine Hill Project performs Friday, March 6

Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell made themselves independent careers that have resulted in extensive discographies and recognition around the world. But put together, the two equal a sum much greater than the parts.

Apartheid Recalled in Syracuse Stage’s Comedy-Drama

(Review) Sizwe Banzi is Dead

For the first 45 minutes of the celebrated South African drama Sizwe Banzi is Dead, Syracuse Stage audiences may feel that they have stumbled on to a comedy duo from old-time vaudeville instead.

CNY food trucks rolling out a ‘rodeo’ at St. Patrick’s Parade Day

Bring your appetite and sense of adventure to the Cosmopolitan Building, 1153 W. Fayette St.

It's a little early to call the weather, but the overall forecast for St. Patrick's Parade Day (March 14) in Syracuse calls for high stepping, high spirits -- and an early-season outing for some of Central New York's food trucks.

That Thing You Do in Syracuse

“Syracuse. Do Your Thing”? Since when did Syracuse become Santa Cruz?

Before I critique the new Visit Syracuse (formerly Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau) slogan, let me acknowledge how difficult it must be to come up with a catchphrase that captures everything our city offers. Left to my own devices, I’d probably uncork something idiotic like “Gateway to Turning Stone” or “Syracuse. So Much More than Syphilis.”

Hue and Cry Over a Colorful Dress

Like many matters debated online, this one grew heated in many corners.

It takes a lot for someone as fashion-challenged as I am to spend time thinking about a dress. I consider clothing first and foremost means to avoid going to jail. Like more than a few guys I know, my wardrobe is divided into two categories: the clean clothes and the stuff still sitting in the hamper.

March Sadness

Sports writer Matt Michael on the SU men’s basketball’s checkered season, which prematurely ends this weekend

For the first time since 1993, the Syracuse University men’s basketball team will not participate in a national postseason tournament (either the NCAA or NIT). And for the first time since 1979 — the year before SU joined the Big East Conference — the Orange will not play in a conference tournament.

News and Blues

Your weekly recap of weird and funny news from around the nation

Curses, Foiled Again Shantoria Valentine, 23, robbed a bank in Omaha, Neb., but while fleeing, she collapsed after only a few blocks, according to police. One witness noticed the suspect would “shuffle a little bit, run a little bit, walk a little bit, shuffle a little bit.” After she ran up a hill, “she was pretty well winded then,” another witness said. “She just laid down and put her hands out.” (Omaha’s WOWT-TV)

Free Will Astrology

Astrology for Mar. 4 – 10

ARIES (March 21-April 19) To depict what lay beyond the limits of the known world, medieval mapmakers sometimes drew pictures of dragons and sea serpents. Their images conveyed the sense that these territories were uncharted and perhaps risky to explore. There were no actual beasties out there, of course. I think it's possible you're facing a comparable situation. The frontier realm you are wandering through may seem to harbor real dragons, but I'm guessing they are all of the imaginary variety. That's not to say you should entirely let down your guard. Mix in some craftiness with your courage. Beware of your mind playing tricks.

The Consensus of Modern Government

Are there opportunities to consolidate and collaborate for the benefit of our citizens?

Consensus, the commission on modernization of local government for Onondaga County, has completed its first phase of work and produced a baseline report showing all local government structures, costs and benefits. The goal is to use this to see if there are opportunities to consolidate and collaborate between governmental entities for the benefit of our citizens.

Vintage + Brew

SocietyGurl visits Curator of Cool, Relic and Eastwood Brewing Co.

"Stay Fabulous" with the SocietyGurl (Jamie Ann Owens) as she stops by Curator of Cool in Baldwinsville, Relics on Burnet Ave. and finishes off her day with a tasty beverage at Eastwood Brewing Company.

Getting the ‘Last Word’ at Modern Malt

Brunch at Modern Malt in Armory Square

It's been almost two months since my scoop on Modern Malt, which now (officially) joins the string of businesses along Clinton Street in Armory Square. As a diner junkie, it's only fair that I weigh in with my two cents. The food, atmosphere, and people of a diner makes or breaks a place.

Food Leftovers Go Full Circle

Dog food made out of trash?

When Michael Amadori first told friends and family he was starting a company that made dog food out of trash, more than one eyebrow was raised. Now, founder and CEO of Full Circle Feed, Amadori is allaying those former doubts.

Creme Brulee Deep Fried French Toast

Cooking Italian with Joe

Joe Borio, host of Cooking Italian with Joe, shares his recipe for a simple and delicious creme brulee (deep fried) French toast. This is one of the most delicious styles of French toast you will ever have, made with cream, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla, and nutmeg.

New Web Series Offers Look at Monica Lewinsky’s Life in Manhattan

‘Monica’ is a comedic, compassionate web series

Monica Lewinsky is back! Again! A new web series—dubbed, simply, Monica by independent filmmaker Doran Max Hagay brings to life a 2001 New York magazine profile of Lewinsky's life in Manhattan. Think of it as a reimagining of this put-upon paramour for the digital age.

‘Focus’ is a Beautiful Guessing Game

Who’s going to Flim and who’s going to Flam?

Go for the guy, go for the girl, or go for the goods.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Top 5 Stories for Feb. 23 – 28

Every Sunday, we tally our analytics to give you the Top 5 most read stories of the week on

Fresh Music Friday: Banoffee

Listen to Banoffee

Presenting various musical styles, Fresh Music Friday’s goal is to find and share new music with our readers in an ever changing sonic landscape.


#takeatour of Columbus Circle

#takeatour kicks off our second year of video tours with a series on local monuments. Join Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses as he explores Columbus Circle in downtown Syracuse.

IUFOC 2015 – Reflections on the Event

International UFO Congress 2015

The 2015 International UFO Congress was a fascinating experience. This was my second IUFOC conference, and my first as a presenter.

“Illuminating” a City Through Public Art

The jury is in for the Connective Corridor’s call for public art.

Last week’s blog post in our Syracuse New Times series focused on the Connective Corridor’s outreach to artists as part of a $650,000 call for public art – one of the largest in the country. We’re pleased to report that as the deadline approaches, we’ve already received more than 100 entries before the on-line application closes at 11:59 p.m., March 1. The call has made it around the country and across Europe, attracting very high quality artists. Now the challenge is to evaluate entries and develop a short list of semi-finalists. To do that, we’ve assembled a talented jury.

(The Last) Tech RoundUp

Thursday’s tech roundup changes formats.

New Batman Video Game Gets “Mature” Rating

The Good, the Bad and the Awkward Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars

Highlights, lowlights and what was he thinking?

I liked Birdman, don't get me wrong. In fact, my review  for the New Times was quite complimentary about the work of leading man Michael Keaton as the former superhero actor attempting to reclaim a career. I called it a compelling little art movie.

You Gotta Wanna Help Donna

DonnaPalooza – a fundraiser on Sunday, March 1 at the Westcott Theater

On Oct. 27 local singer, songwriter and guitarist Donna Colton (Visconti) went to her primary care doctor to have a bump looked at on the back of her head. She’d felt its presence for a year, but assuming it was nothing, didn’t act on it until it started to bother her.

Students Devour Meaty Roles in Teeth Apart

Terrence McNally’s ‘Lips Together, Teeth Apart,’ performed by the Syracuse University Drama Department

The title of Terrence McNally’s 1991 dour comic hit Lips Together, Teeth Apart, performed by students of the Syracuse University Drama Department, does not contain a sexual in-joke.

A Letter-Perfect Spelling Bee at Le Moyne

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Le Moyne College

The title’s long, but the show goes down easily. The Rachel Sheinkin-William Finn musical comedy The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee has had a batch of local community and professional productions since it burst upon the scene five years ago. But this one from Le Moyne College’s Boot and Buskin troupe, with performers only a few years older than the spellers, is the first collegiate mounting.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Selma to Montgomery March at 50

Art writer Carl Mellor visits ArtRage’s display of photographs documenting the civil rights movement

The ArtRage Gallery photography exhibit Selma to Montgomery March at 50 pivots on three 1965 civil rights marches that played a key role in influencing Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. Matt Herron's images not only discuss that larger narrative but also tell stories of everyday people demonstrating for political and human rights.


Listen to Banoffee

The jury is in for the Connective Corridor’s call for public art.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Le Moyne College

Art writer Carl Mellor visits ArtRage’s display of photographs documenting the civil rights movement

Stage critic James MacKillop chats with John Kani, co-author of Syracuse Stage’s apartheid-era work ‘Sizwe Banzi is Dead’


Stage critic James MacKillop chats with John Kani, co-author of Syracuse Stage’s apartheid-era work ‘Sizwe Banzi is Dead’


Cooking Italian with Joe

#takeatour of Columbus Circle

Polansky is passionate about fitness and fit foods

A splash of history and some cocktails!

A college basketball game has a certain appeal to it.

News & Opinion

Sports writer Matt Michael on the SU men’s basketball’s checkered season, which prematurely ends this weekend

Are there opportunities to consolidate and collaborate for the benefit of our citizens?

The Koch Brothers will spend close to a billion dollars to elect the Republican of their choice.

Kramer takes a walking tour of S.U.