Granny 4 Barrel’s Shock Theater by Jessica Novak
Granny 4 Barrel creates its own genre of music
Local Flavor
City Market      Sunday Sept. 14th Armory Square    10 AM-5PM Mid-Century Modern + Antiques + Industrial + Lighting + Jewelry + Deco  +Mission+ Primitives + Vintage Fashions + Vintage Fabrics + Silver + Pottery+ Vintage Toys+ Collectibles + Art+ Mor A Market Designed for City Life Vendor Info: 315 449-0015  or Email:   […]
2014 Light Work Grants in Photography: Trevor Clement, Sebastian Collett, Dan Wetmore Aug. 18-Dec. 17 Light Work Hallway Gallery Reception: Thursday, Sept. 25, 5-7 p.m. Light Work is pleased to announce the 40th annual “Light Work Grants” exhibition, featuring the work of the 2014 Light Work Grant recipients: Trevor Clement, Sebastian Collett and Dan Wetmore. […]
Associated Artists of CNY presents its 88th Annual Juried Members Art Show at the Gallery at the Manlius Library from Sept. 6th through Oct.11 during regular library hours. Open reception Sunday Sept.14 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the library.
September 12, 2014 – March 16, 2015 at OH Museum This exhibit will focus on the history and influence of Italian culture on our community.  This begins with the very name given to this village in 1825, when John Wilkinson was inspired by a poem about Siracusa, Sicily.  Later, there was an Italian influence in […]

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Top 5 Most-Read Articles of the Week (Sept 9 – 14)

Each week, we tally the numbers to bring you the Top 5 Most Read Stories of the Week on

#takeatour of SALT Makerspace

Syracuse Arts Learning & Technology

Join Christi Smith and Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses as they #takeatour of SALT Makerspace.

1957 UFO – A Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie

Steven looked up to see a brass colored disc.

A high school student witnesses a brass colored disc over Lake Erie but it would be 57 years before we would know the depth of his sighting.


The unveiling of Apple’s latest and perhaps greatest mobile devices

They were not watching a Papal funeral, a Kardashian wedding, nor a royal christening; however, on Wednesday thousands upon thousands interrupted work, lunch, exercise and the regular rotary routines to huddle around an Apple device somewhere and look into a big tent.

The Espresso Shot (#019)

This is one of those moments

This photograph caught my attention not too long ago, and it struck a chord. The affect that it had allowed my living to be put on hold for a moment, and that brief moment felt as if it were projected as long as hours. And this is a part of life - a stunning aspect that can generate so many raw and pure feelings that may be easily forgotten about as soon as you wake up the next day. The dock is perfectly captured, and it's just enough. The pristine mirror of the lake. This is one of those moments that you want to stand on that dock with your toes gripping the edge of it while you stare down at your reflection. Maybe you - in a moment of letting go mentally and physically - you allow yourself to just fall face-first into the lake. You can't wake up, or don't allow yourself to wake up, if you're already living in a dream.

Godzilla Only Got 11 Minutes

And if you think that’s just wrong, there’s a video series that agrees with you

My one-theater-film a week blog routine did not take me to Godzilla this summer.

Guitar Hero

Tommy Emmanuel chats about his songwriting and performing styles

A song is a composition comprised of parts - bass, beat and melody - wound together to create a piece that has a beginning, middle and end. Beyond that, songs are also pieces of art that causes or captures an emotion in the listener.

Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music Return to Smith Auditorium

The 2014-2015 season begins on Sept. 20

Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music, which sold out its series two of the past three seasons, this season hopes to enlarge its audience by moving back to H.W. Smith Middle School’s renovated auditorium.

Granny 4 Barrel’s Shock Theater

Granny 4 Barrel creates its own genre of music

The undeniably original Granny 4 Barrel created its own genre. Terry LeRoi, who wears a dress and gray wig when he performs, labels the act “shock country” with its blending of Charlie Daniels, AC/DC and vaudeville.

Leave it to Cleaves

Slaid Cleaves performs at May Memorial on Friday, Sept. 12

He’s a Maine-made man, but Slaid Cleaves’ music carries a country twang resulting from two decades in Texas. While the singer, songwriter and guitarist comes equipped with a warm, inviting voice and capable fingers for his ax, Cleaves’ clever way with words put him above and beyond.

Witty Wopat Wows with Will Rogers Follies

(REVIEW) The Will Rogers Follies: A Life in Review

As a folksy but astute humorist, Will Rogers lies between Mark Twain and Garrison Keillor, but was far bigger in his heyday than either. Yes, Rogers in his lifetime was bigger than Twain. When he died in a plane crash in 1935, an event ominously foreshadowed often in The Will Rogers Follies, an otherwise sunny tribute show at Auburn’s Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, the entire country came to a mournful halt.

Cash and Carry at Cortland Repertory

(REVIEW) Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash at CRT

Two parallel, life-size steel rails atop wooden ties sprawl across scenic designer Jason Bolen’s atmospheric set and are thrust out into the Cortland Repertory Theatre audience for Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash. We often hear the far-off call of old-fashioned steam locomotives, since this is a show about traveling and loneliness. But it is also about speed: Ring of Fire gets right into the music and squeezes 32 songs in less than two hours with an intermission.

Appleseed Takes the A-Twain

(REVIEW) Appleseed Productions’ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

It’s a book every American knows, but most people misquote the title. It should be The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Appleseed Productions artistic director C.J. Young has seized upon the word “adventures” and run with it. The production breaks with years of tradition, includes intervals of music and dance, and delivers plenty of, well, adventure.

A Friendly Place and You Won’t Leave Hungry

Join us for dinner at Monirae’s

Local Flavor is a feature produced in cooperation with advertisers in the Syracuse New Times.

Kramer Goes to Pot

Part 1

It’s a safe bet that none of you have smoked marijuana ever. After all, it’s illegal in New York State. No worries. I smoked some for you this past weekend in my home state of Washington, where voters in 2013 approved … you know … that thing …

INTERVIEW: Kevin Frank

This is the first in a series on poverty in the Syracuse area.

This is the first in a series on poverty in the Syracuse area. In upcoming interviews, the Campbell Conversations will explore facets of the problem and what individuals and organizations are doing to try to address it. Kevin Frank is the executive director of the Brady Center, a non-profit ecumenical mission of the Catholic Church. The center works with the homeless, the topic of this interview.

Free Will Astrology

09/10 – 09/16

ARIES (March 21-April 19) In the 2000 film Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays an American FedEx executive who is stranded alone on a remote Pacific island after he survives a plane crash. A few items from the plane wash up on shore, including a volleyball. He draws a face on it and names it "Wilson," creating a companion who becomes his confidant for the next four years. I'd love to see you enlist an ally like Wilson in the coming week, Aries. There are some deep, messy, beautiful mysteries you need to talk about. At least for now, the only listener capable of drawing them out of you in the proper spirit might be a compassionate inanimate object that won't judge you or interrupt you.

News and Blues

(NEWS AND BLUES) Your weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation.

Curses, Foiled Again British police arrested a 30-year-old man they said broke into a hotel in Gloucester but fell off the roof while making his getaway. He tumbled 40 feet and had to call emergency services to rescue him. He had a broken pelvis, leg and nose, a police official said, adding, “Suspected stolen lead piping and music equipment were discovered nearby.” (Gloucester Citizen)

Classified 9/10

by Staff


Indulge Me

A weekly note from Larry Dietrich, our Editor in Chief

Indulge me. I have to write this note, but today, I don’t care about the New Times. Terry and Kim Pegula will buy the Buffalo Bills.

Brace Yourself

(Cover Story) Ebola is just Round 1

How Ebola in Africa Can Affect You in Central New York

Cocktails in Purgatory

Inclusive Or brings an elixir of catharsis with the release of their album

Inclusive Or releases their first album, Cocktails in Purgatory, on local label bettyElm Records. The Syracuse based band’s line-up is made up of Trevor Grant (guitar, piano, and vocals), Tim Clark (keyboard), Mike Russo (bass guitar and vocals), Dave DelFavero (guitar), and Danny Capucilli (drums). Together the members of Inclusive Or have created a musical soundscape on their album that illustrates the psychological and philosophical plight in the everyday post-modern life. Inclusive Or's album release gives an unnerving sense of ennui while simultaneously being so self-aware of angst that they can admit their misanthropic tendencies with a wry smile of acceptance and disbelief.

They Are Those People

A New Times interview with a local web celebrity couple.

Eight years ago, Lauren and Mark Greutman were facing over $40,000 in credit card debt, a mortgage, their first child, and a $1,000 deficit in their monthly income. It was time to do something.

Ironwood is Solid

“an experience that is truly unique”

The night seeing Boyhood at the Manlius Art Cinema generated a great desire to check out Ironwood, which rests on the corner at 145 East Seneca Street. And this desire and decision was made at first glance. Since that day, there would be consistent discussion about going to Ironwood. Since Boyhood is still playing at MAC, the soon-to-be-shown Cavalry would have made the perfect kill-two-birds-with-one-stone night out in the town. But our impatience got the best due to matters of the heart: food.

Family Tradition Helps Create a Youtube Star

“Cooking Italian with Joe”

Joe Borio could have gone into the family restaurant business, Borio's, on Oneida Lake. Instead, he nurtured his interest in health and wellness and became a chiropractor, with a family practice in Cicero.

Hey, do you know you look identical to Elvis?

(Review) In The Identical, poor Ryan battles a bit of an identity crisis

Nature vs. nurture. The super-hyper connection of those coming from the same egg. Follow daddy's dream or go your own way. Cover songs or originals.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Sept 1 – 7

Each week, we tally the numbers to bring you the Top 5 Most Read Stories of the Week on

40 Below Shifts into High Gear for Cycle Syracuse

Cycle Syracuse is Sunday, September 7

The newest branch of Syracuse’s 40Below organization, The Transit Task Force, holds its first major event “Cycle Syracuse” this Sunday, September 7. The day’s free event will feature several group bicycle rides throughout the city of Syracuse and a festival on West Fayette Street in Armory Square featuring; food trucks, a kid’s bike rodeo, walking tours of downtown and the Connective Corridor and the screening of a bicycle documentary, The Long Bike Back.

2014 UFO – Three Triangles Over Lake Ontario

Sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario

On 25 August, little did Gordon realize that a routine chore with his dogs would lead to a sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario.

Treat me like a stranger

A look at how we treat the ones we love

When I was a child my mother could be yelling at us girls at the top of her lungs, but if the phone rang she picked it up without skipping a beat and sweetly said, "Hello who is calling please?"  I always marveled at how quickly she could go from furious at us, to charming to the stranger on the other end of the wire.  She was miraculously and instantly able to change her tone and emotional fury to kindness in seconds. I often thought  my mother could have starred in Sybil and won an Oscar. In fact I used to imitate her, "I told you girls to clean your rooms!  Now get up there NOW and…..ring ring….Hello, oh how nice to hear from you, so sweet of you to call……"   I realize that my mother was no different than any other mother.  I could do the same thing when my children were little. It's a prerequisite  for every mom to be able to to do that.  I remember one time in particular when I was livid with one of my kids. I was yelling at the top of my lungs when the door bell rang and it was my preacher.  My whole persona changed instantaneously.


(Review) In The Identical, poor Ryan battles a bit of an identity crisis

Bill Murray, Christopher Walken and a 10-year-old kid will rule Disney’s live-action classic in 2015

Motion-controlled kiosks will be installed in the city.

In a world full of fabrication and Photoshop, satirist Bill Maher has built a career out of honesty.

James MacKillop Reviews


Music superstars join with local legends to create real reality TV


Join us for dinner at Monirae’s

“an experience that is truly unique”

A look at how we treat the ones we love

The former E.M. O’Donnell Building has 75 apartments.

News & Opinion

What do we want? To stop the violence. When do we want it? Now.

…perhaps too exciting

Now they’re at it again

Zephyr Teachout is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo

“They call it a merger. We call it a takeover”