Perfect Pussy by Patrick Hosken
Syracuse Band Gains National Attention
Starting Point
Inevitable Coffee Ring
Society Gurl
Part of the “Entartete Kunst” Exhibit with Oil and Acrylic Paintings and scattered sketches of works-in-progress from the Studio having invaded the Gallery. (See preview on the ‘John 746′ Facebook page)
A retrospective of the art of David B. Schultz (1924-2014)., a life-long Syracuse area resident and president of the David B. Schultz Agency.  Beginning in the 1990′s, he produced imaginative still lifes,  landscapes and portraits. His paintings were shown at the Delavan and Artifice galleries.  December 3-29 at Fayetteville Free Library, 300 Orchard St., Fayetteville, […]
This exhibit highlights winter scenes throughout Onondaga County and features oil, acrylic, & watercolor paintings, photographs, and drawings from area artists and photographers. The 30 scenes include downtown Syracuse, rural vistas, Oakwood & Rose Hill Cemeteries, and woodland settings.  The imagery also is varied; sometimes stark, sometimes colorful, yet all evocative of a season we […]
Discover the Fun of Fossils at the Great Swamp Conservancy, 8375 No Main Street, Canastota, NY  Come nose to nose with Allosaurus, a 30 foot long Dinosaur. Follow in his foot prints down The Road to Fossilization. Make your own fossil replica. Adopt a real fossil to take home. Study a real petrified log 120 […]

Still Making Radio Waves – Soundcheck celebrates 35 years

Music writer Jessica Novak checks in with Dave Frisina as his Soundcheck program celebrates 35 years

When Dave Frisina landed his first professional radio gig in 1978 after graduating from SUNY Cortland in 1977, he had two main goals:

Neil Young on Neil Young

Waging Heavy Peace is exactly what you’d expect a Neil Young autobiography to be like.

Written at age 66, Waging Heavy Peace (Blue Rider Press, 502 pages) is exactly what you’d expect a Neil Young autobiography to be like. Wildly candid and disorienting in its jumps, much like a ping-pong ball across a table of time, the book doesn’t follow rhyme, reason or even a rhythm. Young talks about what he wants to talk about, and when he wants to talk about it, as chapters jarringly move from a story about a dying friend to a passage about his wife’s dog.

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

A list with a local twist

Looking for something special for a music lover? Here’s a little list (with local twists!) for the musical mate in your life.

Visiting Bammy Lewis Revels in Holiday Sneer

A new comedy at Central New York Playhouse

Subtitled “A silly little Christmas story,” Visiting Bammy Lewis is an unpretentious, two-hour portrayal of massive family dysfunction, now playing at Shoppingtown’s Central New York Playhouse.

Gluten-Free Alternatives for the Holidays

Don’t be discouraged this holiday season if you’re on a gluten-free diet.

Life without gluten doesn't mean passing on the cookie plate at Christmastime. It might have, at one time, but not anymore.

Munjed’s offers array of classic Greek dishes

Munjed’s has been a constant on Wescott Street for years.

Local Flavor is a feature produced in cooperation with advertisers in the Syracuse New Times.

Michael Vick Must Be So Confused

Don’t Pretend U.S. Doesn’t Torture

It’s great to have Dick Cheney back. I so enjoyed his brutal honesty and curled lip as he referred as a “bunch of crap” to the report on CIA torture issued by the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee. That is much more pleasing than the voices of supposedly “reasonable” men and women who seek nuance and end up obscuring hideous truths.

Stuck in a Purgatory of Questions About Heaven and Hell

Kramer dropped by the Rosamond Gifford Zoo last week to see what God’s creatures were saying about Pope Francis’ claim that animals go to heaven.

Pope Francis uncaged a global debate when he hinted that animals go to heaven. Whether he actually meant that sparked a secondary debate, but how curious that no media have consulted those at the center of this theological rumpus: animals themselves.

SU Basketball Off to a Rough Start

The Syracuse men’s basketball team (6-3) are not playing up to the standards they’ve set over the past six seasons.

As the Syracuse University men’s basketball team was about to start the 2014-15 season, this reporter said Orange fans who were worried about the team’s lack of experience should take a cue from Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who famously told Packers fans earlier this season to just R-E-L-A-X.

Free Will Astrology

Dec. 17 – 23

ARIES (March 21-April 19) "Too much happiness can make you unhappy," reported journalist Marta Zaraska in The Washington Post. Citing research by psychologists, she concluded that being super-extra cheerful can make you selfish, gullible and more prone to stereotyped thinking. On the other hand, she said, maintaining merely moderate levels of happiness is pretty damn good for your mental and physical health. So here's the takeaway, Aries: The astrological omens suggest you're due for a surge of joy and pleasure. Just be careful it doesn't spill over into rash, delirious excess. Here's your watchword: well-grounded delight.

News and Blues

A weekly re-cap of weird and funny news from around the nation

Curses, Foiled Again Police accused Jeremiah Scales of selling synthetic marijuana from his girlfriend’s house in Bloomington, Ind., after a nearby sign announcing “Drugs This Way” alerted them. “Our detectives did some surveillance, as well as some buys,” police Sgt. Pam Gladish said, noting that comings and goings at all hours stood out in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. (Indianapolis’s WTHR-TV)

Perfect Pussy

Syracuse Band Gains National Attention

Perfect Pussy has a national recording contract and is about to embark on a tour of New Zealand and Australia. Writer Patrick Hosken caught up with the band to talk about its rapid rise.

Sweet Nothings

Torture? The state of journalism? Nah

It’s past noon on Tuesday — this week’s New Times goes off to the printers in about five hours — and I have no idea what to write for my page 2 note (Starting Point).

Perform at the New York State Fair

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 New York State Fair

Applications are now being accepted to perform at the 2015 New York State Fair, according to Troy Waffner, Acting Director of the Fair.

Christmas and Cocktails at the Turning Stone Casino

(SocietyGurl) Celebrating the holidays at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino

TheSocietyGurl (Jamie Ann Owens) visits the Turning Stone Casino for a taste of Christmas and Cocktails!

Into the Woods at Beaver Lake and Baltimore Woods

Mother Nature is clearly one of the most original creative minds.

This article was started in a mound of snow, in the middle of a weekend of snowshoeing at Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville and Baltimore Woods in Marcellus. As Henry David Thoreau suggests: "Write while the heat is in you." There was no distraction around me. Ten minutes prior, two white-tailed deer gracefully hopped and weaved around trees. At that moment, I was in a masterpiece. Mother Nature is clearly one of the most original creative minds.

Syracuse Guru: Highlighting What’s Great Around CNY

Meet the man behind Syracuse’s Best Blog

After was honored for Best Blog in the Syracuse New Times Best of Syracuse poll for a third consecutive year, SNT tech writer Joe Cunningham had to find out who this "guru" was exactly.

7 Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Looking for the perfect cocktail to impress your guests during the holidays?

With the holiday season upon us, add some extra spirit to your festivities. Here are seven unique cocktail recipes from days of yore, with a holiday twist.

Seasonal Gifts Coming to Your Television

Not sure what holiday classics are on TV and when? Sarah Hope breaks down the highlights of the final 10 days leading up to Christmas day.

It's a weird time of year for television.

Other than the pestilence and death, Exodus: Gods and Kings is a yawner

(Review) Holy Moses, Ridley Scott can’t match Cecil B. De Mille

Sitting through Exodus: Gods and Kings was sort of like walking past those Syracuse street corners manned by the shouting Bible-clutchers who are most certain that their message of God's wrath and retribution for my wretched behavior must be shouted into my ear at the most pumped volume they can muster.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

Dec. 8 – 14

Each Sunday, we scan our analytics to find which stories readers clicked on the most at

Talk Back with the Publisher

Publisher Bill Brod responds to your questions

The Syracuse New Times has served the greater Central New York community for over 45 years. Recently, we’ve re-designed the newspaper and the website to better serve our readers.

#takeatour of Everson’s Festival of Trees

Everson Museum’s Festival of Trees

#takeatour of Everson Museum of Art's Festival of Trees! (running through Sunday Dec. 14)

19th Century UFOs in New York State

Consider for a moment 19th Century UFOs in New York State.

A month doesn’t go by that someone contacts me and pronounces that UFOs are hogwash and simply some sort of mass hysteria or urban legend propagated since about 1940s. These individuals usually go to great verbose lengths to assure me that UFOs sightings are a recent occurrence over the past seventy years or so.

Pixar Goes Inside Out

One little girl moves her emotions into Headquarters

The next Pixar movie will all come from inside the mind of one little girl.

Tech RoundUp

Tech Bits and Bytes for Dec. 11 – 17

Pirate Bay Raided, Down Swedish police hit the offices of the popular website earlier this week, seizing servers and hard-drives. The website is now down.

Dinner at Syracuse’s China Cafe

Not in the mood to be ‘That Guy.’

It's 8:30 PM, and my stomach is growling so intensely that I'm shaking. It's a frigid December day, and I am dressed inappropriately, without a coat. At least I have a scarf.

Boffo Bouffants Bring Holiday Cheer

Hairspray’s musical mix of rock innocence and racial harmony at Syracuse Stage

Filmmaker and satirist John Waters, the Baltimore bad boy, might be housebroken now, but he is never to be taken for granted. From two film versions of Waters‘ Hairspray, non-singing (1988) and singing (2007), as well as several previous local productions, most audiences are onto Hairspray’s thesis of racial integration, as well as many of its delirious comic devices.

Salt City-Bred Moviemaker Hosts His New Flick

‘Isn’t It Delicious’ screens on Friday, Dec. 12 at Eastwood’s Palace Theatre

A plume of cigarette smoke wafts provocatively through the air during the opening seconds of Isn’t It Delicious, perhaps signaling that a film noir work is about to commence. Yet that puff comes from just one of the many cigarettes chain-smoked by Joan Weldon (Kathleen Chalfant), who likes her coffin nails with the filter tips defiantly ripped off.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Figgy or Christmas pudding is a traditional British dessert

“Now bring us some figgy pudding


One little girl moves her emotions into Headquarters

Hairspray’s musical mix of rock innocence and racial harmony at Syracuse Stage

‘Isn’t It Delicious’ screens on Friday, Dec. 12 at Eastwood’s Palace Theatre

Charley Orlando: CD Release Party at Sparkytown on December 13

Skycron’s ‘The Undersigned’ looks to give back


Behind the scenes at Syracuse Stage


Munjed’s has been a constant on Wescott Street for years.

Mother Nature is clearly one of the most original creative minds.

Looking for the perfect cocktail to impress your guests during the holidays?

Everson Museum’s Festival of Trees

Not in the mood to be ‘That Guy.’

News & Opinion

Publisher Bill Brod responds to your questions

Worth the read.

Do you have a billion-dollar idea for Syracuse?

Albany has become a hub for transshipment of Bakken crude oil over the past two years.

History favors change, abortion-rights advocate says