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Inevitable Coffee Ring
ArtRage Gallery is pleased to announce a call to artists for a juried exhibition to be held from September 6 to October 18, 2014.  ArtRage exhibits progressive art that inspires resistance and promotes social awareness, supports social justice, challenges preconceptions, and encourages cultural change. To download the full prospectus, go to All submissions must […]
Including works by Paul Kos, Bill Viola, Hermine Freed, Ruth Vollmer, Rita Myers, Richard Serra and Keith Sonnier, this installation will highlight pioneering art video from the Everson’s permanent collection that hasn’t been on view in decades. The exhibition is an exciting opportunity to immerse oneself in the early world of video art. This exhibition is […]
This professional level training course provides hands-on instruction for using HEC-RAS modeling to generate hydraulic profiles and to anaylyze and map floodplains and floodways using actual site conditions.  The Practicing Institute of Engineering has approved this course for 7 PDH credits.  Certified Floodplain Managers are eligible to receive 6.5 credts as approved by the NYS Association of Floodplain […]
This professional level training course provides guidance for engineers and municipal officials responsible for meeting the technical components of the MS4 stormwater program, including mapping, inspections, meeting TMDL and 303d requirements, annual reporting, SWPPP review and more.  This course is designed primarily for stormwater practitioners that are relatively new to the Phase II program.  This […]

A Matter of Trust

A letter by Dr. Cynthia Morrow

By Dr. Cynthia Morrow

Orwell and a Downtown Supermarket

by Staff

(Rant & Rave) Should you lose your job for a thought crime? Why can’t I enjoy the greatness of Wegmans?


LIVING SPACE: The Pike Block

(Living Space) “The roof is metal, so when it rains, it makes a beautiful sound’’

When Beth Egan was a student at Syracuse University, downtown redevelopment was just beginning.


by Staff

(Auto) The iconic Ford Mustang turns 50 this week.

The iconic Ford Mustang turns 50 this week, and Ford’s planning plenty of buck wild celebrations.



ARIES (March 21-April 19) It's Compensation Week. If you have in the past suffered from injustice, it's an excellent time to go in quest of restitution. If you have been deprived of the beauty you need to thrive, now is the time to get filled up. Wherever your life has been out of balance, you have the power to create more harmony. Don't be shy about seeking redress. Ask people to make amends. Pursue restorations. But don't, under any circumstances, lust for revenge.

News and Blues

Hard News: The federal government overpaid by $86.4 million to provide penis pumps to Medicare patients.

Curses, Foiled Again Denver police arrested four burglary suspects who tried to sell stolen goods back to their victim. Lacinda Robinson, 24, said that after discovering the crime, she went to a nearby McDonald’s parking lot, where two young men offered her a PlayStation 3 video game similar to the one she lost. She declined, but when another youth approached her wearing a distinctive Washington Redskins jacket “that I believe belonged to me” she realized the men were selling her stuff. She reported the incident to two off-duty police. (Denver’s KMGH-TV)

Coming together through music

by Staff

(Parting Shots) Help raise money for pancreatic cancer research, more Plantagon and the Two Row Wampum

Every week in this space, the Syracuse New Times will give you a piece of our mind. For what it’s worth.

Rape, Recovery, Reform

Memoir of SU rape written in hopes recovery will be easier for other victims

The stories of survivors of rape are often told only through news reports on court proceedings. Their names aren't usually included, and neither are their stories of recovery. In her memoir, Laura Gray Rosendale writes her own story of her rape while she was a student at Syracuse University.

Royal Treat

Jessica Novak reports on headliners B.B. King and Trombone Shorty at this summer’s M&T Jazz Fest

The M&T Jazz Fest 2014 is all about the big and the new. Over the two-day festival to be held Friday, July 11, and Saturday, July 12, two 18-piece bands, two 11-piece bands and one 10-piece band will cross the busy stage. And with gigantic names like guitar legend B.B. King and New Orleans favorite Trombone Shorty headlining the free summer festival favorite, “mega” -- a word festival founder and producer Frank Malfitano uses often -- might be a more appropriate term.

What’s Your (Stereo)Type?

(Blog: Inevitable Coffee Ring) Sometimes we put ourselves in roles, others/friends put us into roles.

Expectations. Roles. We all have them. We can sometimes fall into them.

Trending in Social Media

#trending in internet-land

In between blow-drying your hair, flossing your teeth, “tweezering” your nose hair, and taking out the trash, it’s important every morning to keep up on what’s going on in social media. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. I stayed up late last night to save you the hassle.

Kevin Costner’s conviction as NFL GM adds ‘Draft Day’ to his list of sports gems

Big egos, powerful players and potential for disaster keep you guessing

"Draft Day" begins with Kevin Costner's serious character, Sonny Weaver Jr., facing the current biggest dilemma in his life.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

April 7th – 13th

Each Sunday we tally the numbers and bring you the Top 5 Stories of the Week for the Syracuse New Times digital edition. This week: readers clicked on stories about downtown parking and social media to crossfit and, of course, UFO's. Starting with Number 5, click on the title or the photo to read the full story! You can find a fresh print edition on stands every Wednesday and new content (almost) daily here online.


In this week’s episode we explore #GEARS

In this week’s episode of #takeatour, Michael Heagerty from NOexcuses Tours takes a peek at some #GEARS

1973 UFO – The Schenectady Flying Saucer

It was a saucer shaped object, perhaps two or three football fields in diameter

Who knew a simple shopping trip would involve a flying saucer?

WISE Women

by Staff

Have a business idea or a dream?

The WISE Women’s Business Center (WBC) is a resource for women entrepreneurs at all stages of business development. If you have a business idea or a dream, if you are starting a business, or have an established business which you’re growing, we can help. (Source: WISE Website)

Redhouse TV: Talk Back

Watch This!

Welcome to the weekly web video series: “Redhouse TV: All the Drama of Making Art, All the Heart of Changing People’s Lives.” (Every Thursday)

PHOTOS: Chiefs Opening Day

PHOTOS: On and off the field.

More than 6,500 fans attended the Syracuse Chiefs’ opening day, a 4-1 loss to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. Some found it inspiring, with the stadium dressed up in bunting and, hey, baseball back in town. Others — notably members of the Simone family, the team’s former management — found it … uninspiring. Members of the family registered complaints on social media about a range of issues, including the movement of a bust of Tex Simone, a long-time Chiefs executive, from the walkway in the stands (above) to the Hank Sauer room, at the end of the first-base line.

Behind the Scenes of On Golden Pond

The District Blog – behind the scenes!

Three Syracuse area theater companies created a coalition in order to build a performance based infrastructure throughout Central New York, now known as The District. This blog gives different perspectives and a peek "behind the scenes" by actors, directors, musicians, and participants in the greater CNY theatre community.

Regarding Robots

Modern robotics has taken an incredible step forward to bridge the gap between reality and science fiction.

It is perhaps one of the greatest moments in movie history. (Spoiler alert!) A mother and child stare at a lifelike giant of a machine that stares at them with one human-looking eye and one torn open to reveal its menacing robotic form. The machine instructs the mother on how to end it and the danger it possesses by lowering him into a cauldron of burning lava below.

OPENING IN FILM: Kevin Costner tackles the NFL

‘Draft Day’ focuses on GM rebuilding Cleveland Browns. Also up is he scary ‘Oculus’ and two 2′s, sequels to ‘Rio’ and ‘The Raid.’

Add football to the list of sports that Kevin Costner has tackled on the big screen.

Face Time: Yusuf Soule

We are Muslim. We don’t use crosses. We are going to paint inside the church because we don’t honor icons.

Syracuse’s Landmark Preservation Board gave the North Side Learning Center permission Thursday, April 3, to remove six crosses from the outside of the former Holy Trinity Church at 501 Park St. The crosses “are not in line with the worshipping practices," said the petition to the preservation board.

Supreme Court Lifts Onerous Burden From Campaign Donors

(Sanity Fair) I’m feeling that freedom already.

At 12:22 p.m. on April 2, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its latest decision regarding campaign finance, McCutcheon et al. v. Federal Election Commission, which changed the total amount you might be able to give to political campaign in a given campaign cycle.

Chiefs Take Field Against The Odds

We’re lucky to have the Chiefs, especially this time of year. Where else can you buy a beer that gets colder with each sip?

Twitter attacks. Snow and ice cleared from the field by prisoners. Another loss. Our reward for surviving the cruelest of winters has finally arrived. It’s baseball season again in Syracuse.

Downtown Parking a Problem – That’s a Myth

by Staff

(Rant & Rave) Downtown Parking, Make a Wish and Kissing Grandma

Downtown Parking a Problem? That's a Myth By Nicole T. Samolis

Hawkins Runs Again for Governor

A candidate for office every year since 1993 except for 2012

Howie Hawkins will run for governor on the Green Party ticket in an attempt to repeat what for the party was significant electoral triumph: maintaining their line on the state ballot. He announced his candidacy on Tuesday.

Will Syracuse be Home to a Vertical Greenhouse?

Plantagon has greenhouse projects underway in Singapore and Shangai.

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir has been a believer in Plantagon for about two years. After hearing a presentation, then visiting the company in Sweden, the Syracuse green consultant became an ambassador and joined Plantagon’s non-profit association.

On the Double

(REVIEW) Two one-act comedies at the Syracuse University Warehouse Theater

Syracuse Shakespeare Festival, Ronnie Bell’s company that puts on free plays at Thornden Park during the summer, moves indoors during the cold. Winter is also a time to move away from Bardolotry to consider some other theater from 300-plus years ago, while also giving different directors a chance to take charge. For the two one-act comedies at the Syracuse University Warehouse Theater, The Suitors and Commedia (running through Sunday, April 13), two women are calling the shots. Veteran actress and director Judith Harris guides the little-known The Suitors, while Lynn Barbato-King helms Commedia, in which new, anonymous material is arranged in Renaissance format.

Classic Reillustrated

(REVIEW) Syracuse Stage’s ‘The Glass Menagerie’

It does not really matter that Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie ranks high on the list of the greatest American plays of the last 100 years. More importantly, it is the most loved. Teachers cannot kill affection for it by making it assigned reading. That’s why this is the third Syracuse Stage production, after 1979 (directed by Arthur Storch) and 1999.

Celebrate spring, Finger Lakes Style

The Cayuga Wine Trail Wine and Herb Festival

Snow is melting. Birds are singing. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are poking through. It's springtime in the Finger Lakes. Welcome it -- embrace it! -- with an event to get your garden on, the Wine and Herb Festival on the Cayuga Wine Trail.


The latest in a series of installations and exhibits by Ann Hamilton

(REVIEW) In IMAX film ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,’ the stars fight for their very lives

Who is Mark Tiffault?

STAGE: LeMoyne’s Boot and Buskin Group presents ‘The Master & Margarita’


The Importance of Being Melo


(Living Space) The Hogan Building in Armory Square

Adirondack 46ers are hikers who have climbed all 46 of the peaks taller than 4,000 feet in the Adirondack Mountains. There are thousands of 46ers. However, there are far fewer (thousands less) who have completed the feat in the winter; Jim Wallace has done it twice. Never shying from a challenge, Wallace finds his happiness […]

McShane’s chicken (and more) + new food truck = The Chicken Bandit

Take a tour of some #views

FACE TIME: Oren Lyons on global warming, football mascots and greenhouses on Onondaga land

News & Opinion

(Rant & Rave) Downtown Parking, Make a Wish and Kissing Grandma

Plantagon has greenhouse projects underway in Singapore and Shangai.


“From a privacy standpoint, all of us do not like the current system,”